Winter has arrived, car skid is far behind?

Many areas are under the snow road is slippery, car tires are not good control people are afraid of sliding, car is also afraid, how to prevent winter car skid?Replace winter non-skid tires out with shovels?The effect of the anti-skid chain is not obvious?In fact, the replacement of winter non-skid tires can be winter tires and summer tires compared to the material is softer, more friction on the ground groove is wider and deeper,In theory, if the temperature is lower than 7℃, it is necessary to replace the winter tire. It is recommended to replace the winter tire as soon as possible in cold areas in the north. Precautions for driving when you go out at ordinary times, you must step on the accelerator and be ready to fire.Requires more slowly when driving the vehicle can not be too hard and start to slow acceleration of the vehicle driving force is less than the road adhesion can avoid or reduce the skid, sideslip phenomenon occurred in driving, to maintain the uniform forward as far as possible to avoid a sudden shift, should need to shift in advance to slow down, cannot use the emergency brake, can use the engine brake speed down turn,Also increases to slow slow play back, turning radius to smooth lateral thrown forward so that we can avoid the rear can show out technology if the vehicle or skid phenomenon don’t panic and don’t accelerator pedal, so as to avoid sliding smooth increase should try to control the vehicle to stop and then flameout check reason to check the car skid get off the vehicle and road conditions after the launch, in short,”Frozen” season has come before driving must do a good job of anti-skid measures when driving also should pay attention to and the car in front of the car distance above the vehicle anti-skid precautions, have you learned

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