Zhang Meng: Please accept this Spring Festival “heart” method

Ding Ding ~ today is the seventh day of the Chinese New Year, have you started to work?First of all, I would like to say a particularly interesting thing. Our company may work a few days later than other companies, because I used to give employees a few days off in advance, and then a few days later, so that we can work at the wrong peak.So for us, we are not working at present, but I know that my friends, readers and friends of the public account, probably most of the students have to decide to go to work, so today I talk about how to take heart.As a boss, I know every staff accepting heart particularly difficult during the holiday, especially the last couple of days will be very anxious, said will find: actually, I don’t want to end the holiday, especially in the whole can be with my family during the Spring Festival can fully embrace, and can fully communicate feelings, I don’t want to end is really special.But be realistic anyway, you are all working people, and now we need to learn to accept quickly.Today we are going to talk about three ways to help you complete the process of self-absorption.1 ️ First of all, the first is that we must be able to clearly through the plan, to replace the mentality, what is the plan to replace the mentality?What most of your friends are thinking about is basically a way to get over your mind.But WHAT I want to tell you is that you can’t start from your mind, you have to start from your plan, why don’t you take out your productivity manual now and look at it? During your new week, you see today is February 6th, right?It happens to be a Sunday, the next week, the week after February 6 will be A Monday from February 7, have you finished your work plan, what are your goals, so in the productivity manual today is the best time to plan.In fact, I’ve been making plans every Sunday for years, and I think if you have a plan in hand, you should know what to do.So take a solid hour today, sit down at your desk, pull out your productivity handbook and ask yourself a few questions: How do we actually do one of these things?What are these goals including ours?Then how to complete the decomposition after the year?If you are currently at a lower career level, you can take a look at your boss’s work schedule, including deployment, and put it on your productivity handbook.The goals in a productivity manual can’t just be work-related, such as whether your exercise is going to be on your schedule. Exercise every day.In addition, whether your diet planning should be carried out, whether you want to attend a good body training camp, now to start to manage your body, including the New Year about this period of time what kind of courses I have to learn, what books to read, what kind of activities to participate in, now all planning.So in this way, by “planning for the week,” you can completely replace your mindset with your work goals, your plans.The second thing is that you should be able to quickly recover into another state, I think we need to find some examples.Because in our life, we always need a role model to accompany us to move forward.In the past, we have always had a hard time walking, but the Internet era is an era of full information communication, even if you are not in the same city with someone, you can still share the same mood.Can also motivate each other, so in this way, you can find some good around you, see what kind of harvest, the family during the Spring Festival is by means of the comparison to some people to be modest in learning and using for reference, in this way we can effectively into one, called the contrast is the contrast, and then have an incentive to struggle in this state.I think that’s the second thing that’s really important, so you can take a look, and I’m not just talking about professional role models, you can look for, for example, professional role models, who am I going to surpass this year?Make a list of him.In addition, in the field of body shape, who is the body model I must surpass this year? What is his height, weight and body fat percentage? I want to be like this, so you can learn by yourself.I like who is a good example, to whom do I have to learn, and I’m going to learn and who, I think these questions are need you to go through this kind of model method, including I commonly known as it is actually seven characters, can give you a kind of effective planning, including a way, when you can set an example, in fact you heart will slowly go toward the model close to.Let me give you an example. I shared gu Ailing with you yesterday.I spent some time to study, she actually didn’t special attention in the past, because this time the games also special attention to the GuAiLing, GuAiLing in the process of personal growth, I was pretty impressive, in particular, I will pay attention to the other one is the existence of the characters, they are (this is called spiritual significance.So you can watch this little video, this video is gu Ailing standing on a speed ball, can do one foot speed ball.In the past, our company gym also had a one-foot speed ball, but I think her one-foot speed ball can actually stand up.So I went back and tried it and I found it was hard for me to stand on both feet, but I watched Gu’s video every day, and THEN I kept believing that I could do it, and I started to do it a few months ago.In fact, it didn’t take long for me to find that my training ability of fast ball was getting stronger and stronger, until one day I could stand on one foot. Of course, after the Spring Festival, I would continue to consult my coach on how to stand better.So you see me from a person who can’t do it myself, just see this person can do it, so I believe in a possibility.It’s not impossible for human beings, it’s a balance that human beings can do, but the point is that I have to find an effective way to deal with it, I can do it, and then I learn from her, and she becomes my role model, and gradually I can go beyond it, and design a specific way to go beyond it.So the second example method is really very rough, but very simple, I also hope that through this way can help you to quickly complete the heart.Third, we need to review our goals and plans for the whole year. Why?Because after this year’s New Year, it’s actually a process of renewing everything for myself, right?Everything starts afresh, and such a fresh start confronts what it brings to us, what it gives us is a new start in a new sense within ourselves.Before making a new start, it’s important to review your goals for the year and think about how well you’ve achieved them, including what problems you’ve encountered in the past.Also, are they consistent with the goals you set at the beginning of the year, or are there any new goals that can be folded in now, because I always pull out the Productivity Handbook and think about them over and over.Of elder sister in same efficiency manual how can I keep accompany me to achieve the goals of the new, the old goal how to do the upgrade of optimization, because I didn’t think human potential is limited, so I think the human potential is unlimited, is not to limit himself in a specific range, you can do a lot of things, life can be very exciting.Even in a small frontier town, our lives can be very different, which is a manifestation of the possibilities of human potential.So number three you can go back and look at your goals for the year, and look at yourself in terms of goals for the year and now you see the first week of February is over, what does that mean?It means that 1/10 of the year is almost over, and you still have 9/10 of the year left. Can you catch up with your goals for the whole year, which parts need to be readjusted, so that you can have a process of starting over.Well, today through the three mentality, let us know that our New Year has finally arrived, tomorrow is the working day, also wish you a happy work.In addition, I would like to tell you in advance that due to the holiday of our company, my live broadcast will be suspended on February 7th and officially resumed on February 8th. You can make an appointment for our live broadcast on the evening of February 8th.On February 8, She will talk to you about the New Year’s habits.I look forward to seeing you on February 8th at 7:00 PM.

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