Succulent paste meat big bun, thin soft skin filling oily fragrance, think will make mouth water

I do not know why, every time I see steaming steamed stuffed bun will want to eat, especially the paste meat steamed stuffed bun is my heart love, thin soft skin, filling oil run fragrant, think will drool.Sauce meat steamed stuffed bun to be delicious must be done well, fried stuffing is the key, dough rolling is the key, especially the sauce meat steamed stuffed bun stuffing is not good, then everything is out of the question.Soy meat bun.Pork 500 grams.Half ginger, half onion, 8 dried mushrooms.Soybean sauce, sweet bean sauce, oil, white wine, sugar, light soy sauce, thirteen incense, white pepper.It is best to use 4 fat and 6 lean pork belly to make soy sauce meat package, so that the taste is not firewood, the taste will be very fragrant, first cut the meat into thick slices, then cut into wide strips, and finally cut into cubes, the meat can not be too fine nor too big, too fine will not taste, too big is not easy to be cooked, cut well and put aside for use.Dry mushroom than fresh mushroom aroma is stronger, so we should choose dry mushroom, mushroom should be cleaned with water first and then add water to bubble hair, because the water bubble mushroom can be used in the back, so we should first wash the mushroom, so we can use the water bubble mushroom.Soak the shiitake mushrooms until soft and remove them. First cut them into strips and then dice them for later use. Put the water for soaking shiitake mushrooms aside for later use.Cut ginger and onion into strips, then cut them into roughly the same size as the meat.First the pot to smoke, add a spoonful of cooking oil, oil to the wall of the pot first moisten the oil, then pour out the oil, and then add a little oil, this is the hot pot cold oil.So pork pot will not appear sticky pot phenomenon, first into 1 small prickly ash grains and 2 star aniseed, oil to prickly ash and star aniseed aroma excitation, has been the prickly ash fried paste can take prickly ash and star aniseed out do not, prickly ash fried paste out of the fragrance, not fried paste out is hemp taste.Put the diced meat into the pot and stir-fry with medium heat. Stir the water vapor in the diced meat out, but do not fry the meat too long, the taste will become stiff. Stir-fry the diced meat until it becomes white and add 10 grams of white wine to add flavor when the oil starts to flow.Stir in the ginger and diced onion. Stir in 20g of soybean paste and 20g of sweet bean paste.Use a small torch sauce flavor to stir-fry, to turn more, fragrance out and then pour into the sliced mushrooms into the stir-fry together.Then add 20 grams of light soy sauce and continue to stir-fry evenly, stir-fry for about 10 seconds, you can pour the prepared mushroom water into the pot, add the mushroom water is not too much, can flatten the diced meat, and then simmer for a while, so that the diced meat will be more flavorful.Stew on one after the meeting can begin to taste, add 2 grams of fresh chicken, 1 gram of pepper to red in flavouring, 2 grams, 13, 1 gram of sugar raises fresh aftertaste, because the sauce of salt is very heavy, so don’t add salt to the other, after all seasoning and stir even, to open fire on the boil for 30 seconds can be out of the pot on the plate.The meat paste can not be collected too dry, must bring some soup, after the pot cooling with plastic wrap, and then put in the refrigerator for an hour or so, let the soup solidified, so when wrapping the steamed stuffed bun will not be bad because of too much soup.In this way, the filling of the soy meat bun is finished. Before the bun, add a small amount of green onion and stir well.If you like to eat green Onions, don’t add small green Onions, add more green Onions, the specific approach is to break the green Onions into 4 pieces, and then cut into larger green Onions, paste them into a bowl.Add a little bit of cooking oil and a little bit of sesame oil, and then mix it together so that it coats the shallots with oil, so that the shallots will soak in the water and seal the water inside.When the meat paste is fried, pour the scallions into the meat paste and stir evenly.Sauce meat steamed stuffed bun and surface method: flour 100 grams.3 grams of sugar, 5 grams of aluminum-free baking powder, 4 grams of yeast.Lard.Add sugar, baking powder and yeast powder into the flour and stir evenly. The sugar is mainly used to assist fermentation and make the noodles more soft. Add 20 grams of lard.And then by several times add in 500 grams of 35 degrees or so the warm water, at the time of adding water to add while stirring, mix surface into cotton, then squeeze cotton clouds, squeeze the clouds can be removed after chopping board roll through rubbing surface smooth, must rub some more time, put the noodles knead well, then cover with a broader market slightly Xing hair for a while, so when rolling skin are more likely to roll.Wake up after a dough rub into strips, and then hand into uniform size of the surface, good surface dosage after taking a surface, first pressed by hand, and then with a rolling pin rolling, rolling round, the steamed stuffed bun skin and the dumpling skin is different, the dumpling skin is flat, the steamed stuffed bun skin is a thin edge in the middle a little thicker.All rolled out after the bun can be wrapped.

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