The Chinese football Association finally made a move, the men’s football team paid a painful price, the most strict salary limit in the Super order came

China football association finally stepped in, team paid a terrible price for full, the Chinese super league’s most difficult pay to come to the Chinese football recently the forefront of public opinion, there is only one root is food is the original sin of competitive sports, because the Chinese men’s team final defeat to Vietnam, so at first because the game fans by netizens criticized loss, then because of this commercial endorsements,Eating sea cucumber this matter, was once again denounced a wave, and then because we Chinese women’s football team won the championship, the most let people feel that the men’s football team is really bad, so you will find that the recent Chinese men’s football team can be said to be very miserable, one after another by people’s ridicule.In such circumstances, the football association also couldn’t help, finally to, in recent days, Chinese super league has released more strict limit policy, according to the latest policy, the salary pre-tax of players can’t be more than 3 million, and foreign aid salary is not able to exceed 2 million euros, to see such a salary, actually before contrast Chinese super jinyuan era,Say the salary is substantially shrink, because you want to know, is the most crazy burn money in the Chinese super league that stage, it was Ren Hang a big signing can reach tens of millions, signing at 80 million a, but now a year the highest salary pre-tax may only have 3 million, but also is a top player, close to like WeiShiHao yuning zhang,That’s the type of player, better than them or better.So we will find that, in fact, our Chinese super now entered the stage of a right, because by compensation control can reflect this, let’s say, why the transfinite salary policy in such fierce, for three reasons, first of all, the first reason is that we say, football or need to market-oriented,In the process of marketability, it is inevitable that your ability and the money you earn is proportional to the old saying that there will be a heavy disaster if you don’t deserve it. Our Chinese male hero really has this strength in this place, and he doesn’t deserve to earn so much money, so it is reasonable to limit salary, which is the first point.The second point is to say, the whole we are now so many of the Chinese super league clubs, not back pay is one of the few, for the most club is actually a state of back pay, and you said the back pay is not because of the high cost of the club, the players wages is higher, so this time we said to limit the pay a little,Can also ensure a low-cost operation of the club, is the second reason, the third reason, actually is namely our soil is less appropriate for developing such a professional league, because in fact you will find football this thing, in our country is not to make money, because you see, for example in European football, or in the UK could get the football,Football is a very commercial thing. You want to watch a football match.You buy a ticket is not to spend money, you watch TV also don’t say you literally see you also want to spend money, if I have a game to the scene I, buy me some snacks to buy popcorn to buy chips, buy a beer is to spend money, you can also include jersey bought much money, so the somebody else the whole football is a culture has a particularly large, he is all kinds of things,Can put football to liquidate a culture, and in our home, is you see affected by outbreaks in recent years, the Chinese super league itself television stratified income is very low, and basically have no people to throw the sponsorship, sponsors are less, 58 city would vote for the sponsor before, but now 58 city are not cast, sponsors basic ran more than half,Because you think the Chinese Super League itself is low level, and now these national teams are all negative image, that is, all sponsors are not stupid, but every investment in money, they hope to invest in this thing can bring a positive effect on their brand.But if you want to have a Chinese super league immediately associate to all eat sea cucumber, Chinese football after you finish this negative image I money game of shuttlecocks boondoggle, so this time there is no money, so now you will find that our Chinese super league will enter a vicious circle, no matter from the ads, commercial sponsorship or said the tickets,The income from all aspects of TV broadcasting is extremely low, and when you have a low income, the club’s operation depends on how the owner of the club throws money at you, and the owner of the club throws money at you, he is not charitable, and if the players are overpaid, he can’t throw money at them.Therefore, I think the policy of salary limit is to stabilize our current professional league in a stage of low cost operation, to eliminate a number of people, and after a period of stability, we can officially start commercial operation.Can go through the normal commercial must bring in some big-name foreign aid, then let’s native into the player can also constantly growing, so I personally see come over, I think the pay is a good thing, just pay the timing driven at this stage of our professional league’s worst, feeling giving a person might say so,Is it the salary limit that causes the league to be so bad, but in fact it happens at the same time, there is no direct correlation between the two.

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