Ambassadors to China look forward to the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics: I believe Beijing will surprise the world again

Beijing, the city that brought the world a beautiful summer in 2008, will leave an unforgettable memory of warm winter in 2022.From now on, overseas website launched a special plan “Winter Olympics here I Come”, inviting foreign ambassadors, athletes and officials of delegations to China to share the stories of the Winter Olympics.This is the seventh issue.———————————— The Opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games is just around the corner. Through the lens of People’s Daily overseas website, a number of Chinese ambassadors to China expressed their expectations for the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games and their best wishes to Beijing, the world’s first “Double Olympic City”.Palita Kohona, Sri Lanka’s ambassador to China, recalls being overwhelmed when he watched the opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympics.”I was thinking, this is the most spectacular Olympic opening ceremony ever.I was most impressed.I hope I can also watch the Beijing Winter Olympics.”He said.Dumitru Berakish, Moldova’s ambassador to China, said hosting the Olympics can only be a dream for many cities, but Beijing is a lucky city that will host the Games for the second time.”We all remember the 2008 Summer Olympics and were talking about the opening and closing ceremonies.I believe the Beijing Winter Olympics will again amaze the world.””Belakish said.Iceland’s ambassador to China, A fan of alpine skiing and ski jumping, believes China will shine at the Beijing Winter Olympics.Colombian ambassador Luis Monsalve, who is also a ski jump fan, said he would watch as many events as possible on TELEVISION.”I believe the Beijing Winter Olympics will be wonderful!””Montsalve said.Planning: Wang Piyi reviewer: Niu Ning Editor: MAO Li copywriting: Zhang Liulu later stage: Lu Ningyuan source: overseas network

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