Mobile phone market analysis: With the launch of the new iPhone ESE, Apple continues to explore the “down”?

This article is from: International online third generation iPhone ESE is coming, Apple intends to lower the threshold after the competition for low-end mobile phone market?On March 9, the all-new iPhoneSE was released.As the cheapest 5G iPhone, the device has attracted a lot of attention both before and after its launch.Many of them wonder: As the leader of China’s high-end smartphone market, why Apple has been focusing on the middle and low-end market for the past two years?3g iPhone ESE debuts, Apple expands market with 5G?In the mobile digital circle, Apple has always had a halo, the spring launch of the third generation iPhone ESE became a focus of attention.In line with previous leaks, the new iPhone ESE’s design remains unchanged, with a smaller 4.7-inch screen, a Home button, 1200W single-camera support and Touch ID.Notably, the processor has been upgraded to the A15, the 5G network is supported, and although the starting price has increased slightly, the 200 yuan price difference is not unacceptable, which has won a lot of buzz for the new phone.This series of operations down many people feel confused, has been the flagship high-end mobile phone market Apple, why again released low-end models?In the context of limited growth in overall shipments in the new phone market, expanding 5G market share and increasing total revenue are important factors, according to analysts at Zhuan Group’s data department.Starting with the iPhone12 series, apple began to reap the benefits of 5G market.5G is a key driver of growth, especially as the market for new phones slows.According to Counterpoint, Apple has held the top spot in the domestic high-end phone market for several weeks.As a bellwether of the mobile phone market, Apple’s performance in the second-hand market has also been stable.According to data provided by zhuan group, iPhone 12 has not only entered the top10 list of 5G mobile phone sales in the second-hand market in 2021, but also won the top three.The digital range is aimed at the high end of the market, while the 5G iPhone lacks representation in the middle and low end of the market.Sales figures for the second-generation iPhone ESE suggest 12 to 14 million units could be shipped in the first quarter.Even a year later, in 2021, the second-generation iPhoneSE will still be among the world’s 10 most popular generation phones.And the third generation iPhone ESE with price and 5G these two killer mace, is bound to cause a stir again.The increase of “quantity”, can drive apple revenue to produce “quality” change?According to recent data from market research firm Counterpoint, Apple’s revenue has surged, with the iPhone growing 35% year over year to top the list with $196 billion.But from the iPhone4S to the iPhone13, the cost of an iPhone also rose from 23% to about 37%.As the cost of a single phone increases, profit margins naturally decrease.On the one hand, market expansion will bring steady growth of iPhone users, and on the other hand, it is expected to increase the profit margin of iPhone product line and software consumption, and realize the growth of total revenue.SE product line has laid the foundation, and Apple is targeting the middle and low-end market. In the fierce competition in the smart phone industry, It is imperative for Apple to layout the middle and low-end market.Data from CINNO Research shows that Apple’s share of the high-end market above 5,000 yuan will increase to 75 percent in 2021 from 48 percent in 2020.Especially given the tight supply of chips, Apple seems to have few rivals in the domestic high-end market.But Apple is starting to face stiff competition outside the high end of the market.In the past two years, domestic mobile phone manufacturers collectively “upward” impact on the high-end.In particular, Xiaomi, Honor, OPPO, Vivo, the four major manufacturers, in a cluster of high-end models released at the same time, but also in the layout of chips, representing high-end technology level of foldable phones.Faced with such a situation, Apple naturally does not put all its eggs in one basket.This strong performance also gave Cook a sense of the turnaround in pricing.Since the start of the iPhone11 series, apple has deliberately lowered the starting price of its flagship model and even introduced a mini.But compared with Android models, especially domestic new phones, the impact of the new iPhone in the low-end market is still weak.The SE line can be the vanguard, and Apple’s intention to eat more of the low-end market is becoming clear.Industry generally believe that the purpose of the release of the third generation of iPhone ESE is also very clear, is to keep the old user ecosystem while attracting Android users into their camp.From apple still used the appearance of the iPhone8 period, we can see that the new iPhone ese is stimulating hold-holders to switch.The price remains around 3,000 yuan, but the 5G performance is supported, and android mismatches the 3000-3500 yuan range of high-end phones happen to meet.After the official release of the third generation iPhone ESE, the price of the second generation iPhone ESE also dropped again.Combine that with a wider selection of used iphones in the resale market, and Apple’s multi-price range is complete.But in the domestic smartphone market, where domestic brands are gradually rising, can the third-generation iPhone SE become another killer for Apple?Will Chinese consumers pay?Everything has yet to be tested by the market.

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