Pennant for giant deer these two units!

Julu Rong media reporter: Zhen Yan “I really appreciate the village work team, for the north entrance of our village to build a drainage pipe, to solve the rainy day water deep, inconvenient travel problems.”On January 26, the third committee of Dongyangzhuang Village in Yulu Town and the villagers’ representatives came to the county Housing and Construction Bureau and The Juru Branch of Xingtai Bank, and sent two banners printed with the slogan “Be responsible and do practical things, warm and considerate for the masses” to the hands of the team members in the village.▲ County Housing and Construction Bureau it is understood that dongyangzhuang Village north road drainage is not smooth, a rainy day, it becomes a “waterway”, seriously affecting people to travel, but also caused damage to the surrounding residents’ houses.After learning of this situation, the Party Committee and government of Julu Town paid special attention to it. After coordination and negotiation, the working team in the village offered to take the initiative to put forward the working funds of the working team to solve the problem of stagnant water.After eight days of construction, a 270-meter-long drainage pipe costing more than 40,000 yuan has been successfully completed. The villagers in Dongyangzhuang have bid farewell to the difficulty of traveling on rainy days and improved their happiness.Dongyangzhuang village is a poor village, in 2018, the county Housing and Construction Bureau and Xingtai Bank Julu Branch jointly dispatched the village work team to help Dongyangzhuang village.Since being stationed in the village, the team members have done their duty and devoted themselves wholeheartedly to the work in the village, doing practical things, doing good deeds and solving difficulties for the masses.”Special thanks to the Third Committee of Dongyangzhuang Village for the support and help of our work team, as well as the support and recognition of the villagers. Next, the team will continue to solve the problems for the people and contribute to the revitalization of Dongyangzhuang Village.”Village team captain Hao Wei said.In the prevention and control of the Epidemic during the Spring Festival, the priority is to travel safely and ensure zero risks.Do not travel to medium-and high-risk areas and counties;It is not necessary to go to other counties in the city where medium-high risk areas are located.Release authoritative information to pay attention to the topic of the people welcome to pay attention to the county party committee, the county government only official public wechat a temperature public number julu County rong media center editor: Ma Qianqian Liu Jiaxin Ma Ling editor: Xu Biao

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