The new youth Music Festival, a brand activity of Dazhong, will be written into the 2022 Rizhao Government work report

On the morning of February 19, 2022, the first session of the 19th People’s Congress of Rizhao was held. Mayor Li Zaiwu of Rizhao delivered a government work report.The report pointed out that solid efforts should be made to improve people’s livelihood and achieve common prosperity, so that citizens can share in the fruits of development and promote common prosperity in spiritual life.Among them, the new youth music Festival, a popular online brand activity, was written into this year’s government work report.The government work report mentioned that in 2022, Rizhao should strengthen cultural publicity and innovation, implement the new era of civic moral construction action, civilization construction project and cultural and sports projects to benefit the people;We will build activity centers for young people, women and children, open universities for the elderly and a cultural palace for workers, and build 10 urban study rooms.More than 30,000 public benefit film screenings and rural culture festivals were held;Rizhao family festival, new youth music festival and other special activities.Through the mountains through the sea, the waves and song!October 5, 2021, poster news ·2021 New Youth Music Festival Rizhao stands in the South square of Dongyi town burning emotions to sing.As the core music IP of Dazhong for 8 years, since its birth in 2014, this original music festival for “new youth” has gone through 8 years of wind and rain, leaving unique memories for music fans from all over the country. Now, it is also climbing towards the goal of being the strongest music of shandong local music festival.In 2022, the rhythm heat wave belonging to the new youth will hit again.

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