2022 The most loving day, love you more than I can finish

We Chinese people are very particular about auspicious days. In addition to the traditional heavenly stem and earthly branches or almanacal calendar, some Arabic numerals are endowed with modern meanings to make days interesting.Today is February 22, 2022, Tuesday, the 22nd day of the first month of the year of Ren Yinhu, and all of a sudden there are nine “2s”.Because “2” sounds like “love”, it has been called “the most loving day of 2022” by netizens.14 February happens every year, but 22 February 2022 is the only date.On the most loving day of the year, don’t we all just say it?Love you, dear parents!Dear mom and Dad – your arms, is my life love swaddle;Your understanding and concern is the treasure of my life.Your love, is my heart the most soft soft ribs, but also let me fearless armor.You raise me grow up, I accompany you to the old.I am not in your side of the day, please take good care of their own body, healthy, hard lang lang.I will also go home often to visit, a little more patience, a little more company, let the laughter around you.Love you, hand by hand lover!Lover – you and I are two grains of dust reunited in the world, let the home rise fireworks;You were the one who plucked thorns from my feet when I trudged;When I rest, you are holding my hand to sleep……You let me know that the most meaningful love is not a choice, either/or, but a proof of the problem, need to spend a lifetime sincere solution.”Hold your hand and grow old with you.”No matter rich or poor, we continue to walk together, cry together, laugh together, long together, a total of hoary hair.Love you, future child!Child – you are love, warmth, hope, you are the April of the world.Gibran said: Your children are not your children.They are born out of life’s need for themselves.They came from you, but not from you.They are with you, but they are not yours.So perhaps the most precious gift I can give you is to treat you as a unique soul, an individual in the making, with reassuring respect and trust.Life is a once in a lifetime journey, may you stay true to yourself, love life, stay curious, stay true to why you started, and find your own way!I love you, my unique self!Zhu Ziqing said: believe in yourself, rely on yourself, at any time and anywhere to do their own part, to do the best, let yourself live interesting, moment by moment, minute by second is interesting.Haze sometimes, sunny sometimes, love yourself, because there is no second you in this world.To love ourselves is the lesson of our life.Indulge in a dream, or without stopping, love yourself, for yourself to choose a kind of consciousness of life!Love you!A leisurely spring!Today is the first day of eight or nine, the eighth stage of “number nine”, which means the winter is almost over and spring is coming.The east wind is blowing, the swallows are coming back, and little green spots emerge from the soil.Facing the sea, the spring day, let us face the long sunlight, embrace the soft warmth, go all the way, always give up hope and courage, there are dreams to pursue, there is love dependent!Love you!Strong and prosperous motherland!The land where you and I grew up is not only our home, but also our country.She is an endless beautiful article, an endless love song…To her love, is to go to the stars of the sea of a cavity of blood, is the unremitting struggle of the original heart, is the common pride of hundreds of millions of Chinese children.Our motherland grew in the wind and rain, there are so many people come forward one after another, let a person tears, blood boiling, even if not perfect, even if there are still obstacles, but we always believe that tomorrow will be better!Why do I always have tears in my eyes?Because I love this land so much.This life does not regret into China, to do Chinese again!I love you so much!”If you fall in love with the right person, every day is Valentine’s Day.”Similarly, as long as there is love in the heart, the simple number on the calendar can also become the thick footnote in the years.This looks very “two” but super love day, also seems to remind us, don’t forget to love and be loved, also don’t forget yourself.May you spend this day filled with love with the one you love the most, and may you spend every minute of this year with love in the company of happiness and goodness.Today at 22:22, don’t miss it

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