Chen Baorong, leader of the China-Cambodia volunteer team, helps compatriots in Cambodia

Hello, I’m Baorong Chen.Recently, the media reported my experience from gold digger to charity volunteer leader in Cambodia, which attracted a lot of attention.Thank you for your concern and attention.I was born in 1973 in Huanggang, Hubei province.I came to Cambodia 20 years ago, became a gold mine owner, settled there, went through investment failures and fell to the bottom, and now I’m working in charity.My life ups and downs, bumpy bumpy, experienced great joy and sorrow, can be said to taste the human changes in temperature, but also see through the fickleness of the world.Looking back, I have a clear conscience, and now I just want to do something meaningful to help those in need!The kingdom of Cambodia, Sihanoukville, is probably better known by another name.Westport, a coastal city civilized by fraud.Cambodia does not ban gambling, because a few years ago, the fraud industry drove the local economic development at a high speed, attracting a lot of people to the West port gold, many people play online called the next Shenzhen.Due to the corruption of the local government, more and more black industry has been bred, and the place has become a real crime city.Fraud has always been the target of China’s severe crackdown. In order to protect the personal and property safety of Chinese citizens, China’s Ministry of Public Security launched a heavy crackdown on cross-border online gambling and fraud since February 2020, making it difficult to recruit online investment and fraud practitioners in Cambodia.But this deadly crackdown has not stopped scam companies from targeting the country’s youth.With high salary, good working environment and other conditions, domestic teenagers and minors to go abroad to engage in fraud.In 2021, as long as a Chinese person is alive in Westport, a head is clearly priced at $20,000.This has also led to a number of malicious people who have seen a business opportunity to kidnap compatriots from domestic tourism.They are even kidnapped and smuggled abroad to be sold to various parks in Cambodia to engage in online gambling and online fraud.Corruption and inaction by local authorities have led to more and more Chinese being sent to the park in one way or another.Once inside the park, the fate of these people is beyond their control.The park is patrolled by security guards with guns and company backbones with electric batons.There was little hope of escape, and all they could do was obey.In west port of fraud in the park, so in a word, do well in situ immortal, do bad reclamation worship, anyway don’t obey the dozen, good performance, directly hit a first run worse, threatening your home take money, draining your family money later sold to other companies, this will cause a lot of people under the oppression and torture of mental disorders,People have even died in foreign lands.Together with a few like-minded folk, I will start organizing the rescue of these people in hell in September 2020.However, the rescue was not so easy. They went to various local departments, but they only had interest in their eyes. I remember that the first rescue only took four hours to call the police at the local police station.And even when they did, they collected all kinds of tips.Many local departments and the park are colluding, making the rescue, which is not easy, even more difficult.At present, there are still many young Chinese being cheated to Cambodia, and then engaged in online fraud, prostitution and so on.Recently, we rescued more than 60 minors, the youngest was a girl born in 2007, now only 14 or 15 years old, who had been forced to perform sexual services for more than a year and was more than four months pregnant.It pains me to see the tragic suffering of these children. There is no other country in the world where people are so cruel, so cruel, so inhuman to their fellow human beings, even teenagers.Some people in the park were tortured to squeeze too much, the rescue when added to each other, they find it hard to believe that any one person easily, they are afraid, afraid of is another a deep wave, afraid of west port of sand bodies were dug out of their own, this period need to educate them will slowly, get their trust, this period need to calm,The process of slowly gaining their trust can take a long time, sometimes more than ten days, weeks, even months.And rescue when necessary, the need to face the fraud of the company’s lawbreakers, but also to expose themselves in danger, really who do not know when, others behind their own shot.There is no law in this country, no humanity.At the end of ’21, there was a boy who ran away from the park and came to live in the hotel where we put these people.That night, they defraud the boss of the company, with more than ten gendarmes and seven or eight thugs armed with guns came to the door of the hotel, will break into the arrest.If it is not the other side scruples some pressure, strong break into, that really the consequences can not be imagined.This is just one example. There are many more.You can imagine how rampant these fraudulent companies are in this place, and how corrupt the government here is.At the same time, it is also an unavoidable difficulty on the road of our rescue. Sometimes the heart is willing but the strength is insufficient.Those who were rescued because of the flight meltdown were unable to return home, and those who were smuggled to Cambodia were even more difficult to return home.How to accommodate them has also become a big problem.Some of them can work, but some caring Chinese in Cambodia are willing to provide jobs for them.What about those who are physically unable to work?We are just a few people with limited capacity, so we hope to attract domestic attention to publish this article, to lend a helping hand to help these overseas compatriots, so that these people can return to the motherland as soon as possible, and also hope that the official can pay attention to the incident of being kidnapped and trafficked abroad from home.Source: China-Cambodia Volunteer Team

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