Cristiano Ronaldo was in Dubai to accept the award for top scorer.

According to the latest media reports, Cristiano Ronaldo has gone to Dubai to receive the controversial award for the best goalscorer of all time, and delivered an award speech at the scene. The award set up by Dubai is still full of controversy, especially their preference, so I caused many fans and outside media to question.According to babo Sports (five leagues, Champions League, World Cup, etc.) data: they deliberately favor Ronaldo, even in 2020, Ronaldo volunteered to give the award to Lewandowski, or fans can spend money to vote the farce.And ronaldo’s Dubai award has never been more impressive when messi, Luka Modric or Lewandowski won goals or the World Player of the Year award.In fact, this award does not have too much gold content, now this operation makes his gold content is lower, and there is no limit on the number of years, so mechanically to fix a award to Ronaldo, it is really some unreasonable.Their rush to force an award for Ronaldo also caused outrage in many outside media because the all-time top scorer was controversial and the mainstream media would not recognize the performance.According to Babo Sports (big Five leagues, Champions League, World Cup, etc.) :Ronaldo is the current top scorer, but he is not irreplaceable. Messi is two years younger than Ronaldo by only 40 goals, and it is not impossible to beat him because messi has scored more than 40 goals in 12 years of his career.As long as Messi can ensure his scoring efficiency, then it is only a matter of high probability that ronaldo, unless Ronaldo can retire at the age of 50, he is likely to be surpassed by Messi.Even if Messi were to become the true all-time top scorer, it would be impossible to settle for one award for him because they are the promoters of Cristiano Ronaldo, and much less for Messi, who has only won one Dubai award in so many years.According to Mr Gbagbo sports (five league and the champions league and World Cup, etc.) according to: even if he got the golden globe, this year is considered to be the world first person, and the world footballer of the meat, but dubai only gives a player of the candidate, as the third great history 1 but he had no way to get prize in dubai.Ronaldo values that award very much, so personally ran to Dubai to accept the award, he is also very jealous and jealous, Messi can get his seventh Ballon d ‘Or, even controversial award, as long as he is very happy.Ronaldo also thanked the fans on the spot when he accepted the award, he thought that football would not be complete without fans, of course, he went to Dubai in addition to accept the award and also took his girlfriend Georgina to celebrate her birthday.

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