Good things come in pairs.Outdoor advertising blows the horn of the Spring Festival campaign

Good things in pairs, tiger Tiger shengwei 2022 Double Tiger home brand Spring Festival communication upgrade, On January 30, double tiger home to “good things into double Tiger Tiger Shengwei” as the theme of a strong board of the People’s Daily, in the form of full-page layout to the national people’s New Year.At the same time, the largest outdoor landmarks in Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Chengdu and other four key cities in China have been lit successively, focusing on high-frequency exposure and precision communication, which has won high attention and praise from the industry.Shuanghu household with higher specifications, larger scale, more ceremonial sense of momentum, once again started the 2022 Spring Festival communication campaign, to the people of the country to send sincere blessings from shuanghu household.Outdoor media light show echoes the Spring Festival festival Spring Festival is China’s most ceremonial sense of the festival, the Two Tigers household in the Spring Festival of The Year of Ren Yin package under the People’s Daily full page layout, full of red ink with the first central media solemn and the blessing of the two tigers, sent to thousands of households in The land of China.It is an indispensable lively ornament to welcome the New Year. On the occasion of the Spring Festival, Shuanghu Household has lit up four landmark outdoor media, including Beijing Wukesong, Shanghai Shibo Valley, Chongqing Wonderland and Chengdu Jingqiang, to illuminate the lights of thousands of families through gorgeous and festive lighting forms, which also echoes the harmony of the Spring Festival.In order to let the people of the country no longer looked down at the mobile phone over the New Year, Shuanghu household choice to outdoor landmark light show such a look see, touch, smell, hear the traditional form, the Feelings and ritual feeling of the Spring Festival pull full.In 2021, shuanghu household brand restart year, in the brand communication level of the full range of force, 2022 Shuanghu household with higher specifications, larger scale, more ceremonial sense of momentum, once again launched the 2022 Spring Festival communication campaign.With the coverage of the People’s Daily network to send blessings to hundreds of millions of people across the country;At the same time, the largest outdoor landmarks in the four cities were also lit up, sending Chinese New Year wishes to the people across the country in a dazzling visual form.Dealers across the country took newspapers and went to local landmarks to take photos and videos, and uploaded them to the moments of friends to convey blessings from the two tigers to their relatives and friends in a unique way.Landmark buildings are the name card and symbol of a city, with a large audience and eye-catching media spots. The huge advertising screen and long outdoor exposure also make the brand information spread more deeply.Two tigers home purposely chose at the core of the country’s four major cities do, across, longitudinal north-south, to light up the momentum across thousands of miles of China, such a shape and size, is behind two tigers home for their own development path self-confidence, also a high-profile announcement two tigers home will with brand-new posture and majestic momentum layout core cities in China.Shuanghu household through the diversification of the brand, repeated high-frequency and users to establish efficient communication, all means shuanghu household will be a brand new image to return to the audience vision, from the southwest to the country, and then the southwest household king of the classic legend.Outdoor landmark light show advertisement _ Aerial drone _ Naked eye 3D- Landmark Mark

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