How to prevent cervical spondylosis

This disease of cervical spondylosis can be prevented, and it can be avoided as far as possible. As long as you take more exercise, develop some good working habits and living habits, you can do it.The following is to introduce how to prevent cervical spondylosis.1, working time to regularly look up farsightedness, whenever the head or desk work for too long, should look up farsightedness for a few minutes, and massage the head and neck for ten minutes.2. Teachers should avoid bowing their heads for a long time.Teachers head long-term forward bending desk work, should take a break every 20 minutes, look up and neck activities;Every 1-2 hours for a head, chest, arm activities, about 10 minutes.3. Exercise the neck muscles, strengthen the 6 degrees of freedom in the three-dimensional space of the cervical spine, and instantly rotate the axis of activity, to release the soft tissue adhesion around the neck and shoulder joint, strengthen the contraction force of the neck muscles, maintain the balance between the cervical spine and the outside, and effectively prevent cervical spondylosis.4, sleep to choose the right pillow, should not be too high or too low, the general pillow is appropriate to the height of 10 centimeters.Don’t read or watch TV while lying down.5, every day to take out a certain amount of time to exercise, especially pay attention to strengthening the exercise of neck and shoulder muscles, which can not only relieve fatigue, but also make the muscles developed, toughness enhanced, is conducive to the stability of the cervical spine, enhance the ability of neck and shoulder to comply with the sudden changes in the neck.And mountain climbing, swimming, is also a good way to prevent cervical spondylosis.6, studies show that long-term depression, not exposed, sentimental people prone to neurasthenia, neurasthenia will affect bone joints and muscles rest, in the long run, neck and shoulder easy pain.Therefore, often keep optimistic good mood, is also the way to prevent cervical spondylosis.Through the content introduced above, we should have an understanding of how to prevent cervical spondylosis.Hope friends can understand, do a good job of prevention.The prevention of cervical spondylosis, it is important to remove pathogenic reasons, avoid bad working position, excessive strain and trauma, the effect of body therapy and workshop exercise is much bigger than the imagination of the average person.The flexibility and strength of the NVC, ABS and back muscles are extremely important in strengthening and maintaining the stability and support of the spine.Moderate exercise is beneficial, as long as it does not aggravate symptoms and can be tolerated.Excessive activity is counterproductive, is a kind of self-created strain, must not one-sided understanding and pursuit of “life lies in exercise”.

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