Is the great demon controlled by the immortals?The real black hand is still hidden behind the scenes, chaos ancient demon god listen to who

Hello, I’m Ashige.The latest chapter reveals that the blood of the great demon has something in common with the Immortal, or that the blood of the immortal has been refined by the great demon during his lifetime.There are at least two important messages to note here, as well as some very confusing ones.First solved a problem, that is, there is indeed a person named “immortal” existence, otherwise the great devil god where to refine his blood?At the same time, the identity of “eternal life not dead” also ruled out the great devil himself and the devil.The demon god is famous before the demon, it is impossible to refine demon blood.Then the immortal must be a creature older than the great devil.And can also get an important message, that is immortals are very powerful, it is estimated to have broken through to the ancestral level up.This immortal is really a headache, there is so little information about him, but he occupies an important position in the plot, can be said to be estimated to be the last BOSS in the eternal god emperor.Because as Yan yan said, it is normal to rob from heaven and earth, but some people want to use the rob from Heaven to achieve their own immortality.Now it seems that this is what the immortal is doing, and if nothing else, he is the ultimate winner.And many of the original ancestors in history are on the side of the immortals and have great faith in them.In the heart of the devil god has immortal blood, which is worth pondering in any case.You don’t give blood in a normal partnership?Destiny curse, as long as a drop of blood can be implemented, anger god and Zhang Ruochen such a relationship, Zhang Ruochen to the dark abyss, anger God is just a drop of blood.For the great demon god, the blood of the immortal is a symbol of absolute trust, he does not know the immortal will leave some means.And also for the immortal, he gave the blood to the great devil, representing absolute confidence, he is confident that the great devil dare not and can not take his blood to do any adverse things.And the Immortal immortal is very generous. Not only does the great demon have immortal immortal blood in him, but the Hima king also has immortal Immortal blood in him, and according to the text, almost every sleeping chaos demon has immortal immortal blood in him.In this way, the chaos of the ancient god is clear, not sleeping in the North Ze Great Wall, is not to accept the blood of the immortal, and the leader of nature is the devil.The demon estimated that did not agree with the practice of the big demon god, so there is the future of the first war, Mengge is the same, but he is how to survive?Temporarily put down this problem, A stone feel chaos ancient demon god and changsheng not dead completely not cooperative relationship, more like a vassal or subordinate, otherwise changsheng not dead willing to waste their blood so much to help chaos ancient demon god recovery?And in this case, the great demon god has actually lost control of the chaos of the ancient demon god, neither Chansak nor Gai, seems to have no intention of helping the great demon God.In particular, Gai’s words are so classic that he no longer recognizes the great god.Therefore, Ashish believes that the chaos of the ancient demon god, I am afraid more listen to the words of changsheng immortal, after all, they all have the blood of Changsheng immortal in their bodies, and it is changsheng Immortal that helps them survive until today, so there is no simple cooperation between them and the quantity organization.Quantity organization and chaos ancient demon god, large probability is the little brother of eternal life, both are actually one, A stone thinks this possibility is greater.But what is the purpose of the demon god to do so?Ancient fiend is saved, but would not listen to his control, and the big o I haven’t the resurrection, gone with has come now, has the advantages of course is the first resurrection, don’t know what big o himself again in the plot, he was able to practice to the first level is also not easy, don’t will send his power to immortality in vain the dead?Puzzling.Finally, I wish all the friends concerned about Shi can grow another five centimeters!

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