Stop spreading rumors about Shanghai!

In recent days, the epidemic in Shanghai has drawn much attention.Shanghai reported 425 new confirmed COVID-19 cases and 8,581 asymptomatic COVID-19 cases from 0 to 24 on Monday.Amid the surging epidemic, various rumors have emerged in an endless stream, confusing the public and hindering the prevention and control of the epidemic.Recently, a conversation to the effect of “my sister’s friend committed suicide due to her daughter’s illness” circulated on the Internet.In the conversation, a friend of my sister committed suicide after her two-year-old child was isolated in a hospital.According to relevant clues, the verification found that Ms. Zhu, who lives in Changning District, Shanghai, had sent a microblog to ask for help. Her 2-year-old daughter was isolated and treated, and she hoped to take care of and accompany her daughter.It was confirmed that Ms. Zhu was receiving treatment in Tongren Hospital and could be ruled out as the suicide mentioned in the network message.According to the latest news, 4 early morning, Ms Zhu has arrived in Shanghai public health clinical center.”Thanks to everyone’s efforts, I am finally with my daughter. I will take good care of her in the future. I hope to leave here as soon as possible.”In view of the epidemic situation in Shanghai, the following information is pure rumors. If you find anything, don’t believe it!So!Shanghai residents rush out to buy supplies?Some parts of the city are “in complete chaos. It is said that people have no food to eat, so they go out to buy things, and shops have opened.”A video clip from the conversation shows a large number of residents rushing out of a fence below.According to the Shanghai public security authority, the video of “breaking through the fence” took place in other provinces.Rotting vegetable supplies not distributed to residents?Recently, a netizen to “Shanghai Songjiang” to verify that “the network spread strong Feng Group vacant lot has a lot of vegetable supplies have not been distributed to residents, has been rotten, is it true?Songjiang replied, according to the strong Feng Group learned that the video content is not true, vegetables are recently purchased, just unloaded from the car temporarily stacked, currently sorting for distribution, to the hands of residents.Shanghai a village steel plate sealing control lead to delay fire fighting?A chat posted on the Internet said, “Taopu Village 2 was blocked with steel plates, leading to a fire in the community but unable to timely rescue,” accompanied by a video.Shanghai Putuo Fire Protection said: “After checking, the community in the video is not Taopu Village 2, and the actual door style and wall color are significantly different from the online video.At present, there is no iron plate to block the main entrance of taopu village.The video was posted on the Internet in mid-March.Volunteers kneel over food delivery workers in a Market in Pudong?Recently, the Internet circulated a video “Pudong volunteers kneel down pressure delivery workers”.Footage shows three men in red volunteer vests pinning a delivery worker to the ground.”Pudong Wholesale Market” was written on the volunteers’ vests.In response, the Pudong New Area said that after verification by the public security bureau, the video may have been filmed in a Pudong wholesale market in a city in another province, and there is no place named “Pudong Wholesale Market” in pudong New Area.(Source:

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