Ten years!Can Chengdu football return to the Super League?

The 2021 Chinese Super League play-off second leg between Dalian Man and Chengdu Chengdu Will kick off at 15:30 PM on January 12 at jiangyin Sports Center in Jiangsu Province. This is chengdu Chengdu chengdu’s last game of the 2021 season.The first leg was a 1-1 draw, so whichever side wins the second leg will qualify for next year’s Chinese Super League.As early as 2011 Chinese Super League season, Chengdu Blades were demoted, chengdu professional football fell into the winter of ten years.For a while, the reputation of the gold city and the sound of “rising up” across the country became the expectation of the city’s fans.The importance of this match can also be called the most important one in chengdu professional football in the past decade.In the first round of both sides, chengdu Chengdu team drew 1-1 with Dalian people thanks to felipe’s penalty goal. After the game, dalian people were dissatisfied with the referee li Haixin’s several key decisions, and there was a scene of besiege Li Haixin, and some people even punched Li Haixin.This afternoon, the Chinese Football Association decided to punish the Dalian native. Zheng Long was suspended for six matches for entering the field from the sidelines to criticize the referee.Yang Haoyu, the player, was suspended for 12 months and fined 200,000 yuan for punching the referee in the face.In addition, a number of Dalian officials were suspended and fined, while the club was also reprimanded and fined 200,000 yuan.However, such punishment will not affect the main line-up of Dalian, but the key battle before the penalty, team mentality will be tested.The football Association decided to look ahead to the second round of the first leg of the game, due to dalian sun Guowen was sent off in the second half of the red card, Chengdu Chengdu occupy the initiative, the team created 15 shots, 4 shots on target, 6 corner kicks, the number of passes reached 403.From the whole audience data, the perfect crushing dalian, but the score has not been able to break through, which is the embodiment of the super team heritage.For dalian people, foreign aid guard Dan nelson wire back to dalian team also saw the relegation hope, in the first leg of chengdu Argo attack completely restricted by Dan nelson, leonardo, Liu Re vanadium, felipe many attempts failed to account for much cheaper, so the second leg against xu guide to thinking how to make their own disciple conquer Dan nelson this,Secondly, chengdu Rongcheng 532’s formation, the two wing backs are difficult to participate in the attack under the pressure of the other side’s edge avant-garde, which leads to the two front line players are difficult to get the support of the teammates around them, putting insufficient pressure on the other side’s defense line.So the second round of the game, Chengdu Chengdu two flanks and defenders of personnel and play will be very key.Xu zhengyuan said at the pre-match press conference, “We will analyze the weaknesses of our opponents, and the most important thing is to play our own characteristics. As long as we show our characteristics, we will play a wonderful game.Dalian is the Chinese Super League team and we are the Chinese First league team.But this is actually only the league level difference, our players are not much worse than Dalian.Of course Dalian is also very capable and we will give our fans and the city a great game in the second leg.”The play-off system is based on the play-off system of the Super League. Therefore, the total number of goals scored in two matches is directly compared. If the total number of goals in two matches is the same, 15 minutes of extra time will be played in each half.Super close at hand, this battle chengdu Chengdu Only fight under victory to live up to a season of comeback, fight for the city, fight for the fans.Game live broadcast platform: CdTV-5 Viewing APP of Chengdu TV Public Channel (commentary: Li Guanhong, Zhang Linhai, He Yang)

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