The most beautiful rotten tail building “Xiangyun International” past life!

Want to know xiangyun international, must start from its founder “Li Sheng”.Let’s follow the footsteps of time together, into this once business leaders and his xiangyun international bar.Li Sheng was born in Shuangyashan, Heilongjiang province in 1958. He lost his father at the age of four and was brought up by his grandparents.In the late 1990s, Li became vice president of the Shuangyashan branch of the Bank of China.During the acquisition of a non-performing assets building, with its flexible mind will be revived.Then he quit his job and went into business, where he made his first fortune.In 2001, President Li came to Hebei with 8 million funds, established the federal cause, began to participate in real estate development.In 2005, Lee gave his wife, 27 years younger, 40 percent of the company’s equity.In 2006, it cost 300 million yuan to construct the “Hanging Garden”, which was the only architectural form in China at that time.In 2007, Shijiazhuang changed in three years.The hanging garden was undoubtedly a success, but Mr. Li was not content with that. He wanted to do something big.Summary: The bold font reflects Li Shengli, doting on his wife, idealized, personalized and ambitious!2. Unprecedented, Xiangyun international took advantage of the wind in 2008, in order to do this event, he not only started the folk fund raising, but also forged procedures, in the name of the house buyer, defrauding hebei Bank loan.In 2009, qiaoxi government introduced the “Xiangyun International” project, which started almost at the same time as shijiazhuang new railway station project.In 2012, railway station track laying into the end, xiangyun international main body is basically completed.On January 3, 2012, Li appeared on the CCTV program struggle.In addition to showing off the “sky garden” in the program, he also recommended the “Xiangyun International” project.Xiangyun international, known as an area of 1,800 acres, a total investment of 17 billion.It is a characteristic tourist city complex integrating eating, drinking, shopping and ecological living.The commercial part covers an area of more than 400 mu, which is divided into three parts: “eat all over the country, buy all over the world, and play all over the world”.Li Sheng dreams of making it “China’s Venice”.On May 31, 2012, the official promotion conference of “Xiangyun International” was held, and Li Sheng was very excited to sit at the same table with “Fuji Chief”.On June 30, 2012, The opening ceremony of Xiangyun International was officially launched in the provincial Art Center.At this time of federal great achievement, besides Beijing, Tianjin, still in Heilongjiang, Shanghai, Hainan and other layout.Many banks, investment institutions rushed to!At the end of 2013, Xiangyun International began to return the principal for 6-8 years to continue financing in the community.Conclusion: Political and business leaders have stood up, these years are his highlight moment!3 a careless, Xiangyun international wind down the bad luck, drink water are stuffed teeth!In 2014 and 2015, the market was in a slump, and Li Sheng was involved in something else. Although he came back safely in the end, he missed the opportunity and could no longer recover.What’s more ridiculous is that during this period, his little wife also spent more than 7 million yuan on luxury cars for two men at the expense of the company!On September 27, 2014, Li Sheng was taken away for bribery, and the federal empire spiraled out of control.Then Xiangyun international shutdown, capital began to panic.At that time, a report from German Capital showed that the federal debt was $4.65 billion and total assets were over $10 billion.Properly handled, the crisis should not be too great.At that time, the creditors of the Federation were Huaxia Bank, Hebei Road and Bridge, Hebei Finance Investment, Huarong Capital and so on.But we do not know when Li can come back, lack of confidence!So in December 2014, creditors signed a restructuring agreement with Hebei Finance Investment, hoping he would save the union.The agreement signed, the results of the financial booth on the matter.On January 25, 2015, Hebei Finance Was suspended from all its operations and went bankrupt.It was a well-known event at the time.It is worth mentioning that the financial investment also to the federal financing of 1 billion.Soon after, the provinces and cities tried to regroup again, but failed again.At the same time, federal Capital executives did not stop raising funds. By May 2015, they had collected more than $5.5 billion, which has since been repaid.A few months later, Mr. Li returned, but his guests were far away from him.In 2016, the bull market started, at this time the federal debt soared to 18 billion, Li is unable to repay!In November, amid soaring housing prices, the Federal Government filed for bankruptcy.Ten billion housing enterprises have since closed, and “Xiangyun International” is still standing there, I do not know what is waiting for it.Then Li Sheng and his wife were arrested one after another for non-smoking.Li’s sentence runs until August 2030, when he will be 72 years old.Conclusion: He had three chances to “resurrect”, but failed due to various reasons.In 2015, After Li Sheng returned, he sold 60% of the shares to “Zhongxin New House” in Anhui province. After several years of torturing, the result was fruitless!In January 2018, Li Sheng’s wife withdrew, and Zhongkejian joined in. In March, Zhongxin withdrew, and Zhongkejian holdings.The result was still no improvement.In September 2019, Zhongkejian withdrew.Zhongke Jia industry took over, but still no action.At the same time, In November 2020, Zhongke Jia Withdrew, and Aida Land took over 100% of the equity.This is a company with a story, but we won’t start today, you can search online if you are interested.After the Spring Festival, workers began to work in twos and threes, which also attracted many Internet celebrities to punch in.But it didn’t last. IDA left in August.Summary: many times changing hands of xiangyun international, fate is not easy!5 the sea, the true hero appeared in the lantern type to take over the man, wave after wave, regardless of wealth or invisible rich, in xiangyun international here.Until last year, when a new party chief was appointed, The city began making drastic changes.In September 2021, Shijiazhuang announced the fifth batch of unfinished buildings, Xiangyun International prominent in the list.October, will have Shijiazhuang state capital to take over.On February 15, 2022, Beiten Group visited CDIC group to discuss the cooperation of Xiangyun International business project.What does that mean?City development investment took over xiangyun international project construction, and north China group is the business operation boss.Together, they should not only build it, but also run it well.It has only been a few months since shijiazhuang’s state-owned enterprise restructuring, and it is clear that the government is highly efficient, but also bold and determined to clean up such a big mess.Judging by the momentum, the real resumption of work should not be far away!The next big thing was to figure out how to make him work.However, in terms of shijiazhuang’s economic situation and people’s consumption power in the past two years, can it support such a large business group?I am not optimistic.The most beautiful unfinished building will finally come back!However, can Li Sheng’s dream of “Oriental Venice” be realized?!Thank you for reading, read micro, continue to share property market information!Writing is not easy, if you like it, then click a “like” and go!Welcome to forward, share, favorites!

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