A hospital in Dongguan has sparked controversy by hanging a banner reading “The operating room is full of money” during a summary meeting

Recently, the operating room of Dongguan Kanghua Hospital in Guangdong province held a year-end summary meeting, but the banner they hung in the scene of the conclusion was quite intriguing.’Tiger tiger is alive and strong to welcome the New Year. The operating room is full of money,’ the banner read.After the banner was exposed, it attracted people’s attention.In this regard, a person in charge of Kanghua Hospital said that the content of the banner is really inappropriate, and the hospital side is ill-considered.They will report the situation to the operating room and discuss how to deal with those responsible.It is reported that Kanghua Hospital is a private grade III class A hospital, which started preparation in September 2002 and opened in 2006. In 2019, it was rated as a national model greening unit.Whether you have been in a hospital or not, we all know that hospitals can sometimes be a bottomless pit.In hospitals, money is no longer money, but a pile of paper that can save lives.Patients pay what the hospital says they pay.Although there is now medical insurance, but the expenses reimbursed by other institutions to the hospital, but is less personal burden, the hospital’s income did not decrease.From that perspective, the operating room is full of money, which is a perfect description of a hospital.Kanghua Hospital hospital is a place to heal the wounded and rescue the dying, we can not look at all the money, let alone “operating room is full of money” as a wish.As a doctor, there should be a state of mind, which is to prefer the operating room machinery and equipment are broken, rather than to see someone come in.It reminds me of an old saying: I wish there was no pain in the world.Pictures from the Internet.

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