Both “foreign” and “fireworks gas”!Foreign Supermarket enters Pudong “Small Vegetable Market” “Love life warm Heart Spring”

ENJOY THE LIFE: A new look at THE old marketIn recent years, many vegetable markets in Pudong have taken on a new look: the environment is now clean, the lights are brighter, and some of them can even be air-conditioned.In Jinyang district of Pudong, there is a small vegetable market. In addition to the traditional stalls, there is also a very famous “foreign supermarket” — “Olaqi”, which is not only popular among Chinese “horse aunts”, but also attracted some foreign friends.So what’s the appeal of this little restaurant?Let’s go and see!The shelves are full of imported beer from all over the world: Germany, Britain, Belgium…There are about thirty or forty kinds.But can you imagine?These imported beers are actually sold in the imported foreign supermarket in a traditional vegetable farm. In the area of nearly 800 square meters, this foreign supermarket has almost all the imported goods and good things in a net.Delicious grilled chicken, grilled ribs, freshly made bread and cakes, grain-fed steak flown from Australia to Shanghai…These items, which are usually available in members-only supermarkets, can be found in this foreign supermarket.Fresh vegetables and flowers are readily available in the vegetable market just across the door. Even the “ma Sister-in-law” from abroad is deeply attracted by China’s small vegetable market.”I often come here to buy meat, fruit and sometimes flowers, bread and fruit.It seems to have all the food I could ask for. It’s a magical place.”Wu Jianmei, the person in charge of Jinyang Market, told Xiao Bu: “Alooqi generally sells more foreign products, attracting many foreign friends from Biyun community to shop here.For our vegetable market, Olaqi is not only a fusion, but also a good expansion of our customer base.”The former Zaozhuang Market was built in 1998. It is located on the ground floor of 628 Jinyang Road, Pudong New Area, with a floor area of 1,500 square meters.Before the renovation, the facilities of the vegetable farm were shabby, the sanitary condition was worrying, and the management was poor, which did not match the speed of urban development and the living standard of residents, affecting the consumption experience.To this end, pudong New Area Commerce Commission, together with Jinqiao Group and Jinyang New Village street to carry out renovation, so that the old appearance of the vegetable market environment.The original business owners were basically retained, so that the “fireworks” here can continue.For example, there is a vegetable operator who has been selling vegetables here for nearly 20 years. One stall sells more than 100 varieties of vegetables, winning the hearts of residents with its good quality.Resident Ms Wu said: “here fresh shepherd’s purse only five yuan a kilo, cheap, outside to eight, nine yuan a kilo.”After buying vegetables, you can also buy a bunch of flowers to decorate your life: lilies, roses, imported Holly, succulents…The small shop did a brisk business and often sold out before afternoon.”The customer flow of the market is good. It is not difficult for the shop to make a turnover of four or five thousand yuan a day,” the owner, Ms. Gao, told Xiao Bu.Pyrotechnic gas & amp;The simple and beautiful jinyang Market, although newly renovated, gives people a familiar sense of intimacy, because the dishes here are familiar, the food is familiar, and the people are familiar.At present this Chongqing husband and wife lung slice salad shop, has been operating for more than ten years, in the whole Jinyang area are very famous.In addition, some convenient services that residents need can also be found in the market.For example, the 10 yuan barbershop, grocery store and cashmere sweater shop, which are rare in the city, are still doing brisk business in jinyang Market.These small shops are generally not high profits, the market gives its rent concessions, so that the owners can feel more at ease in the market to continue business.Ms. Zhang, the person in charge of cashmere sweater shop said: “I do cashmere sweaters here for more than ten years, before the shop 8 square meters, the monthly rent is more than 3,000, now it is more than 10 square meters, the monthly rent is more than 3,000, the rent not only does not rise, the area also increased.”With the rapid pace of urban renewal, many Shanghai people’s favorite stores are gradually disappearing from our lives.But on the second floor of jinyang Market, residents can still find their favorite shops.A small shop owner surnamed Shao said, “There are many residential communities near us, and residents like to stop by to shop in our market.We can buy everything from clothes to bags and cosmetics without having to go far. In summer, we can go to the wet market to cool off, and in winter, we can also buy things conveniently. It’s very convenient.”With the reputation accumulated over 20 years, Jinyang Market has also attracted a number of well-known old restaurants to enter, such as old Shengchang soup bao, four king Kong Zhang Ji fried dough sticks, Shandong multi-grain pancake, old Beijing fruit roast duck, barbecue snacks and so on.A wide variety of food is a killer killer to attract a large number of gourmands to patronize.At the same time, the market also introduced the seafood brand “Cat Choose Life”, the mode of on-site processing brings a new experience of picking and eating in the market.After ordering at the counter, customers can wait in the market’s “shared seating” section, where they will soon be served steaming hot, enjoying a delicious fresh meal for a fraction of the cost.”It’s hot, delicious and safe,” said Ms. Lee.When night falls, tables and chairs will be placed in the small square reserved outside the market, and the characteristic food street will be transformed into a good place for night snacks “at the door”, which promotes the development of night economy and effectively improves the revenue of merchants.”In fact, if small business owners do not make money, we in the market will not make money.Therefore, from this point of view, we have always given as much support and preferential treatment as possible to business owners in the past two years, hoping for a win-win situation.”Wu jianmei said.The change of the old market is not just a simple upgrade of the market environment.Dazzling dishes, bustling crowds and popular local cuisine create a wonderful chemistry.The relationship between people and the vegetable market is close to each other and eventually tends to be perfect.The golden Yang Market, full of fireworks and human touch, reflects the simple and simple beauty in the busy life of all living beings.Text: Liu Xiaohuan Photography: Wang Yang Editor: Wu Yan * Reprinted please indicate from Pudong released official wechat

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