During the Qingming Festival, the overall public order of The city is stable and orderly (group of photos)

During the Qingming Festival, the public security organs of the city strictly in accordance with the unified deployment of the ministry and provincial public security organs and the instructions of the Municipal Party Committee and the municipal government, with the festival security as the core, based on social stability, detailed program tasks, compaction work responsibilities, and fully implement information research and judgment, social meeting prevention and control, public safety management and other work measures.During the Qingming Festival, there were no major criminal and public security cases and fire accidents affecting social stability in the city, and people’s travel and worship activities were orderly.Highlight the attack and defense control, all police do their best to fight.During festivals, strictly implement the “1, 3, 5 minutes” disposal requirements, highlight social gatherings and key parts of the patrol, strengthen the busy streets, trade markets, tourist attractions and other crowded places and surrounding public security patrol prevention and control work, effectively improve the street police rate, the rate of charge, deterrence.The city has invested 8,843 police officers for social patrol and prevention and control, 6,405 people for mass prevention and control, 513 patrol vehicles, and 84,368 tourists. The city’s public security checkpoints and security card points have launched high-level inspection and control mode, with 600,0025 vehicles and 96,875 people inspected, effectively ensuring the overall stability of the city’s social security.Focus on key areas to vigorously grasp hidden trouble investigation.Strictly implement the relevant requirements of the ministry and the provinces, and combine with the actual situation of the city, effectively strengthen the supervision of dangerous explosive materials, continue to strengthen the safety prevention of key areas, key locations, schools, hospitals, prisons and other key places, conscientiously do a good job in forest fire prevention and control, and strictly prevent the occurrence of major safety accidents.From midnight on April 3, the traffic police system was fully activated at law enforcement checkpoints and temporary checkpoints, with an average of 1,700 police officers and 230 police cars dispatched daily. A total of 1,614 traffic violations were investigated and dealt with during the festival.The city did not happen for a long time, a large area of congestion phenomenon, the road order is good.Focus on the normal epidemic prevention and control, adhere to the general policy of “scientific and accurate, dynamic zero clearance”, pay close attention to vehicles and people from middle and high risk areas in Weihe, carefully carry out data verification, flow tracing, checkpoint inspection and control, isolation and control, internal prevention and control, and firmly guard the bottom line of the city’s “external import prevention” work.Source: Weinan police editor: Chen Bingjuan

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