Family glory: Ma Shihong gave the shares to Ma Exhibition Hong, Zhen Core put his gas to the disease, directly died

Ma Shihong because of zhen Core dressing, resulting in more and more recent consciousness is not clear.Ma Shihong in know that He has resentment of Ma Exhibition Hong, and Ma Exhibition Hong about the death of his father is because Ma Shichang to kidnap him, he did not know after being fooled.Ma Shichang kidnapped himself in his own, want to force him to appear, threatening Ma Shihong to give up ma group.But at that time the police and kidnap Ma Shichang gang fight not small, detonated the oil barrel on the fish row, Zhong Sen and Ma Shichang fell into the sea, but only find Zhong Sen, Ma Shichang missing, has not been found.Ma Zhanhong heard Ma Shihong’s words do not believe, when the truth of the people are dead, also threatened Ma Shihong said that if he did not open a press conference to announce the cause of death of his father, he will fully acquire Ma Group.When Ma Shihong saw that he did not believe him, he had to give up and said before leaving that he would prove what he said was true.Ma Shihong also want to understand this, had ma Shichang accident, so that he regardless of the brother, has not been willing to pay 100 million ransom to lead to Ma Shichang died, Ma Exhibition Hong will be so hate horse home.Ma Shihong also want to know, I’m afraid I don’t have much time, also thought that he was more and more serious, will consider himself in the martensite group all the shares to a horse show hon, but it was not long before the police arrive, tell Ma Shihong He Qili was dumped in the sea, and now have been recovered, to identify, make the horse family Ma Yaotang knew after notice Gu Luoyi quickly, very anxious to get Gu Luoyi,He was crying when he saw his dead body.After all the horses arrived, Ma Yaotang directly in the past to embrace Jialoyi, Jialoyi sad at he Qili called dad, also said he did not blame him, regret dead, then called him a dad.Ma Shihong heard That Jia Luoyi said, very distressed little daughter-in-law, also did not go to care why he Qili is his father.But ma home is bearing a blow, let Ma Shihong body can not carry fainted.Ma shihong was taken to a hospital for examination, where doctors warned the family not to stimulate him again or his life would be in danger.Zhen Core know, will remember this sentence in my heart, will be dedicated to others, wake up Ma Shihong to tell him a story.From his shoes to Jia Luoyi, killed Ma Shihong’s grandson, Mandy and her daughter is he sent people to kidnap, who knows they were not obedient to run.It serves you right to die, the cheng Feng who wants to check the truth is also, Ma Yaozu is also because of the death of Mandy mother and daughter, and he quarreled before a car accident, he just added a fire to the gasoline, his cousin is also killed.Ma Shihong heard zhen Core said so burning with anger.The side of the alarm sounded, medical staff rushed in, Zhen Core seized Ma Shihong’s hand, concerned greetings.Zhen Core was driven out by the doctor, But Failed to rescue Ma Shihong.

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