Gao Chunhai, general manager of CCTC (, and Huang Qing, deputy general manager, plan to increase their holdings by a combined 6 million yuan to 10 million yuan

Gao Chunhai, Chairman and General Manager of The Company, and Huang Qing, Deputy general Manager of the company, based on their confidence in the company’s future development and recognition of the long-term investment value of the company, have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the company’s chairman and General Manager Gao Chunhai and vice General Manager Huang Qing.Increase the holding of the company’s shares in ways permitted by the Trading system of Shanghai Stock Exchange (including but not limited to centralized bidding, block trading, etc.), and the total amount of increase shall be no less than 6 million yuan and no more than 10 million yuan.This article is from Zhitong Financial network

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