Good news!Five fugitives in three days in linxi!

Since this year, linxi county public security bureau continues to strengthen the consciousness of the main responsibility of the main business, in overall planning to promote the pursuit of fugitives, increase the pursuit of fugitives at the same time, continue to carry out the work of recounselling fugitives and their families.March 23-25, west county public security bureau in three days on the success of the capture, advised Wang mou, yu Mou, Feng mou and other 5 fugitives, the pursuit of fugitives has achieved significant results.Pursuit case police brigade joint sunshine industrial park police station caught in the middle of the night a provincial online calendar year the escaped prisoner in the evening of 22 PM, police brigade, sunshine industrial park police station in accordance with the requirements for the superior to jurisdiction personnel undergo screening in a high risk area, found a GanSuJi woman in the face of police ask and check the words flashing, nervous,Check the police immediately this situation and the woman’s identity information reported to the public security brigade.The woman, surnamed Wang, was tracked online by police in Yicheng, Shanxi Province, on suspicion of illegally absorbing public deposits in 2016.Inspection police immediately summoned to the west county public security Bureau for further investigation.After the first trial, the suspect Wang confessed to the crime of illegally absorbing more than 60 million yuan of public deposits.At present, the west county public security bureau will be wang criminal detention, transfer procedures are being handled.On March 18, 2022, handan Road shi Wa village near a traffic accident, resulting in the death of one person, the suspect Feng fled after a hit-and-run, linxi County public Security Bureau online chase.Tracked him down as soon as possible, a squadron of patrol brigade joint criminal investigation brigade, anti-drug squadron to the analysis of trajectory Feng Mou action, visiting MoPai at the same time, many times to Feng Mou do ideological work home to their relatives, their relatives are analyzed from the Angle of law Feng Mou should bear the legal responsibility, to persuade its surrender as soon as possible.The police repeatedly advised, finally obtain the trust of their family members, also make the fugitive’s family members completely dispels the concerns, so they immediately contact and persuade the fugitive Feng to return to surrender.In the face of legal deterrence and affection, the fugitive Feng finally eliminated resistance and fluke psychology, on March 25 to the west county public security bureau to surrender.Anti cheat center, police brigade, old officer village police station successfully persuade a fugitive, surrendered online recently, west county public security bureau in the anti cheat center successfully uncovered a help letter case, 3 has captured the criminal suspect, but the criminal suspect in one has been on the run, in the west county public security bureau organized forces to arrest them but all failed.Tracked him down as soon as possible, anti cheat center joint brigade, old officer for the village public security police station was astonished, a police to carry out activities visit MoPai its trajectory, side arrange the civilian police to the homes of the suspects with rich work experience, to find his family and relatives, through discussion, speaks about policy, law, after midnight, benefits and so on,At the same time, it shows the confidence and determination of the public security organs in combating crimes.After several days of patient and meticulous ideological work, finally dispel the concerns of their family members, on the morning of March 25, the suspect in the company of his family members to the west county public Security Bureau actively surrender.On the evening of March 23, the sunshine Industrial Park police station combined with the public security brigade in the area of the epidemic prevention and control investigation work, found that a man just entered a barbecue restaurant and the online fugitive Dong is very similar.In order to avoid alerting others, the police took the way of makeup investigation into the hotel to observe the suspicious man in close range, while arranging police forces in the hotel’s many entrances and entrances for squatting.During the period, the man was aware of the observation of the police immediately after the toilet for the back door, was finally in the back door squatting police arrested at one fell swoop.After the interrogation, the suspect Dong confessed to its suspected of picking quarrels and provoking trouble, at present, the suspect Dong has been detained by the West County public Security Bureau in accordance with the law, the case is being further investigated.Recently, linxi county public Security Bureau criminal investigation group anti-drug squadron police in combing the area of the fugitive clues found: because of suspected theft by Shandong Province Xiadin police online pursuit of the criminal suspect Zhang may recently back to linxi.After receiving clues, anti-drug squadron police immediately combined with special patrol brigade police investigation and verification of the clues, after a lot of work found that Zhang has fled home, but not in the home.In the further investigation of its activity track, the police found that Zhang has a large number of activities in the surrounding counties and cities, the police immediately around its activity track to carry out interviews and squatting work.After a day and a night of squatting, March 22 evening at 23 xu, the police will be ready to return to the hiding place of the criminal suspect Zhang arrested.At present, the suspect Zhang was arrested by the west county public Security Bureau criminal detention, the relevant handover procedures are being handled.At large personnel present himself in the west is not a day of public security will never give up pursuing justice in this tell those at large personnel may be late but never miss don’t hold fluky psychology, surrendered as soon as possible, for leniency at the same time, the police remind to conceal, shielding, harboring a fugitive for at large personnel escape provides convenient conditions to its legal liability shall be pursued in accordance with the source: in the west county public security bureau

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