Jiangsu Women’s Volleyball team or 10 participants!Seven are expected to be selected for the national team during the training camp

China women’s volleyball training camp is about to open, the new coach CAI Bin has rushed to Beilun to select new recruits.As a “legitimate disciple”, how many jiangsu women’s volleyball players will sign up for training?According to the rules given by the volleyball association, the players selected in the talent pool can directly participate in the training camp, that is to say, jiangsu women’s Volleyball team will have 10 players attend the training camp.They are Zhang Changning, Wu Mengjie, Wu Han, Yang Wenjin, Diao Linyu, Gong Xiangyu, Yang Jia, Wan Ziyue, Ni Feifan and Zang Qianqian.The purpose of the training camp is to select the new members of the national team. Then how many of the 10 Jiangsu women’s volleyball players will be selected by CAI Bin for the new Chinese women’s volleyball training team?I think there should be seven players.Among the 4 main attackers, Zhang Changning and Wu Mengjie have a high probability of passing the test, while Wu Han and Yang Wenjin are estimated to be eliminated because of their height.Zhang Changning was the main force of the national team in the last cycle. Although fans have a lot of controversy about her, it is undeniable that she is still one of the top three players in China.Zhu Ting can not return to the case, Zhang Changning partner Li Yingying is the best choice.Wu Mengjie is one of the rising stars of the league. She was once the top scorer of the National Youth Women’s Volleyball Team.Although the performance in the league is not as strong as the outside world says, but in a group of new players, Wu Mengjie is very valuable to cultivate.No matter her height, or jump, are more in line with the main attacker’s requirements.The downside right now is that her smash is weak, but that should improve as she gets older.Erchuan position diao Linyu and receiving position gong Xiangyu shortlisted suspense.Diao Linyu is an excellent setter promoted and cultivated by CAI Bin. He is familiar with CAI Bin’s various technical and tactical combinations and sets. If the team wants to form quickly, it is an ideal choice to choose a setter who knows his roots well.The situation of Gong Xiangyu is the same. There is a shortage of receiving talents in China, and there is no one who can match gong xiangyu’s receiving talent in the league.Not only will the two be selected for the new Chinese women’s volleyball team, they are also expected to be starters.The auxiliary position has Yang Jia and Wan Ziyue.I think the probability of ten thousand Ziyue shortlisted than Yang Jia.The reason is very simple, that is wan Ziyue’s height condition is better than Yang Jia.According to the association, Yang is only 188cm tall and Wan is 196cm tall.For the current adjutant, 190cm height are short, let alone did not reach the height of the adjutant.And in Yang Jia this height section, there are still a few excellent side attack than Yang Jia, but wan Ziyue’s plasticity is strong.Given equal conditions, I’m going to pick the taller player.Ni Feifan and Zang Qianqian free position, Ni Feifan into the national team is more likely.As the focus of the Tokyo Olympic Cycle to train young players, Ni Feifan in the talent pool of the best in the test, with Lin Li’s semi-retirement and Wang Mengjie’s state is not good, Ni Feifan to become the new main force is not impossible.How many players of Jiangsu Women’s Volleyball team will be selected to the new women’s volleyball team through the assessment?

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