Mobile Games Of the Day (February 5, 2022)

Update the game list and fresh information daily, pay attention to me not lost.All those who follow me are awesome!Today is February 5th, 2022, first let’s take a look at today’s best-selling list changes: Today’s specific list is as follows: The Thunder game “Happy Escape” today ranked the 10th best-selling list.This is a place fairy class hand tour.439 “Civilization and Conquest” at Number 9.This is a multi-civilization SLG game.Tencent’s Love of Light and Night ranked no. 8.This is a love to develop a class of hand tour.Tencent’s Crossfire ranked no. 7.This is an FPS mobile game.Lingxi Interactive Entertainment “Three Kingdoms Strategy Edition” ranked 6th.This is a SLG game of three kingdoms geopolitical rivalry.NetEase’s Fantasy Westward Journey ranked fifth.This is a classic turn-based MMORPG mobile game.Miha ranked fourth in the original God.This is a two-yuan open world mobile tour.Tencent’s League of Legends mobile game ranked third.This is a well – known global combat mobile tour.Tencent Photon’s “Peace Elite” ranked second.This is a tactical competitive game, commonly known as “eat chicken”.Tencent Tianmei’s Honor of Kings ranked no. 1.This is Tencent’s national level 5V5 mobile game.”Harry Potter’s Magical Awakening” dropped out of the top 10 on NetEase.Today marks the eighth day that Honor of Kings has topped the charts.Today, Tencent occupies 5 seats in the top 10, NetEase, Miha, Lingxi Interactive entertainment, 43 99, Thunder games each occupy 1 seat.Let’s take a look at the changes in the download charts: Peace Elite ranked No. 1 on the download charts.Honor of Kings ranked No. 2.Stardom Fantasy is no. 3.Let’s take a look at the overseas bestseller list: In the United States, The Original God ranks 7th.In Japan’s bestseller list, Miha Tour “Hara God” ranks 7th.NetEase’s Into the Wild ranks no. 8.That’s it for today’s list, and we’ll be there tomorrow at the same time.Follow me for more great game stats and game industry insider info.Move a small hand to praise, is the biggest encouragement to me, thank you!

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