Moqi public security Bureau seized a gambling case

Hadayang Police Station of Moqi Public Security Bureau maintains a situation of hard fighting and high pressure in order to promote the improvement of social security and crack down on illegal gambling activities.Recently, Hada Yang police station police in the area of patrol work found a villagers suspected of gathering gambling in the home, the police on duty immediately made plans, quick response, decisive attack, in the villager so-and-so home arrested gambling personnel 5.Police will participate in gambling personnel summoned to the police station to investigate.The offender pleaded guilty to gambling offences.At present, according to the relevant provisions of the Law of the People’s Republic of China on Public Security Administration penalties, moqi public security organs have made administrative penalties to gambling participants in accordance with law.Hulunbuir Public Security Bureau News propaganda Department source | Moqi Public Security Bureau editor | Wang Yue audit | Wang Dan

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