N-(2-hydroxyethyl)- pyrrolidine dangerous goods forwarder

N-(2-hydroxyethyl)- pyrrolidine belongs to flammable liquid, is the third class of dangerous goods.N-(2-hydroxyethyl) -pyrrolidine is a colorless or light yellow transparent liquid.Mainly used in pharmaceutical intermediates.N-(2-hydroxyethyl) -pyrrolidine HS Code :2933990099 Application elements :0: Brand type;1. Export benefits;2: component content;3: use;4. Please indicate the appearance of urotropine;5:6- caprolactam please indicate the appearance;6. Date of signing;7:GTIN;8:CAS; N-(2-hydroxyethyl) -pyrrolidine customs supervision conditions do not exist, and is not in the 2015 edition of hazardous chemicals catalog, so it is ok to provide normal export data, there is no need to provide additional commodity inspection data.Products of the Chemical Industry and related Industries 29 Chapter 29 Organic Chemicals 2933 Heterocyclic compounds containing only nitrogen heterocyclic atoms 29339 Others :29339900 Others UN1993 CLASS 3 Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Sea Code (IMDG Code)FLAMMABLE LIQUID, United Nations correct shipping name, not otherwise specified: FLAMMABLE LIQUID, N.O.S.Shanghai Danji International logistics Co., LTD. Wang Bo original, plagiarism is prohibited.Dangerous goods forwarder

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