Undelivered second refund rules are greatly changed, merchants reduce costs and increase efficiency!Official interpretation of Ali Primary school

The experience is more silky and the business is more labor-saving.Recently, Ali quietly introduced the “not shipped second refund” new rules, has been in February 15, 2022 gradually began grayscale testing.The so-called “second refund” means that the platform automatically makes payment without the merchant’s manual confirmation after the consumer initiates a refund application for the undelivered order.Previously, taobao and Tmall’s “undelivered second refund” (hereinafter referred to as second refund) has a unified premise: orders within 2 hours of payment and the amount is less than or equal to 200 yuan.The new regulation is adjusted to tmall unlimited time and amount;Taobao unlimited time, order (sub order) amount is less than or equal to 500 yuan.There are many factors of undelivered refund, which are closely related to the industry, transaction scene, purchase path and consumption mentality of the merchant. For consumers, second refund undoubtedly improves the shopping experience, without worrying about the temporary freezing of funds, and also provides buffer room for impulse consumption to return to rational.So for businesses, what kind of impact will second withdrawal have on business?Taobao (top) Tmall (bottom) Comparison between the old and new undelivered second return rules, e-commerce platform standard in 2021 Double 11, Taobao once launched “fast refund” privilege for 88VIP users.These include refund in seconds before delivery and refund paid in advance by the platform after review of delivered orders.But the full quantification of the second back service, Taobao before and peers in comparison, and no significant advantage.In the new rules of second return, Tmall Taobao is no longer limited to the time, tmall is not limited to the amount, only special categories and scene orders are not applicable to the second return rule, including: local life/point coupons, air travel, virtual, Tmall card coupons, customized related categories;Other orders confirmed by Tmall as customized scenarios;And orders in the scenario of advanced customization.”Seller” reporters have checked the second withdrawal rules of other platforms. Jingdong’s flash withdrawal service has no limit on the amount of time, and orders from third-party stores are less than 200 yuan within 2 hours.Pinduoduo is unlimited within 2 hours, less than or equal to 300 yuan orders within 6 hours;Douyin orders less than 300 yuan within 6 hours;Kuaishou is under 600 yuan orders within 6 hours.An operator of kuaishou’s livestream traffic told the “seller” that his current customers are mainly women’s wear and home textile, among which the refund rate of women’s wear is relatively high, which is related to the industry, e-commerce model and user’s consumption motivation.Simba became the target of criticism for its high refund rate during a live broadcast in July 2020, including over 30% refund rate for water purifiers and other home appliances.A person in charge of online streaming service Douyin, a head drinking brand, said that their refund rate is controlled at around 15%, which is already an excellent level in the industry.Emerging e-commerce live streaming platforms are based on the shopping model and focus on interested e-commerce, which is easier to bring impulse consumption and leads to a relatively higher refund rate.The more tolerant second return rule is more friendly to businesses and consumers.For taobao and JINGdong, the proportion of orders converted by search is still higher, the certainty of consumption is stronger, and the refund rate is low.So in the past on the rule of second retreat, will appear conservative.But even so, taobao after seconds back rules, has covered a large part of a refund order not delivery, and many stores have a certain scale, will be managed by AG custom seconds back rules (by – thousands of cattle after-sales service market, sellers can be set up to order a refund rules, the amount of time limit, limit, etc., enhance the automation of seconds back),This indirectly improves the coverage of orders returned in seconds, so there are not many orders left that cannot be returned in seconds.”As can be seen from the fact that merchants take the initiative to host custom second exit rules through AG, less restrictions and more automatic second exit are actually the business needs of merchants.Taobao’s move is not just to improve the consumer experience, but also to reduce the operating costs of merchants.”Taobao consumer experience operation small two (hereinafter referred to as small two) told reporters.The value of the win-win new regulation for consumers and merchants is self-evident for consumers’ experience, while the value for merchants can be analyzed from several dimensions such as cost reduction and efficiency increase, promotion of re-purchase and improvement of consumer confidence.Cost reduction and efficiency increase: “You need to input your password to confirm the refund, so the system will save effort.”The daily operation of the shop by the boss Liang You are responsible for, for the second to return the new rules, he thought of the first time is not to lose a password.This is also the most obvious value of the new rule — reducing the after-sale labor cost of processing refunds and dealing with demanding customers, especially for large retailers.The new regulation is still in the grey test stage, and the feeling of the merchants may not be strong, but we can refer to the feedback of those shops that used the “new regulation in seconds” with the help of AG trusteeship.The red elephant has been using AG for 4 years. The customized refund rules of the store include “automatic refund without delivery” and “automatic consent for return without reason within 7 days”, etc. The person in charge said that with the help of AG during the promotion period, about 70% manpower can be saved after sale.Previously, there were 15 refund workers, but with the improvement of refund automation, there are only 5, and the rest can be used for after-sale reception.Qigege flagship store belongs to the women’s clothing industry. Compared with other industries, qigege flagship store has a higher refund rate and a greater demand for automatic refund. The store is not satisfied with the second refund of orders within 200 yuan within 2 hours.They connected the ERP system with AG. For undelivered orders, when buyers apply for refund, the system can automatically cancel the orders and refund them in real time. After customer service work, the refund can also be processed in time.”At present, 90 percent of the refund has been automated, and the refund duration has been reduced to the top 10 percent in the industry,” said qigege customer service officer.”It’s a better after-sales experience for consumers, and customer service doesn’t have to work overtime.”Promotion of repurchase: Xiao Er said that the platform has observed that consumers who have not delivered the refund due to the wrong auction (color, size, package, address, etc.) will immediately place another order if the seller returns the refund in a second.If the refund of merchants is delayed, especially if some merchants do not have special personnel to deal with it, the system will automatically refund after 24 hours. At this time, consumers are easy to go to other stores to buy, or simply do not buy — the probability of consumers to buy the same goods again after seconds is several times higher than that before seconds.In 2021, AG hosting launched refund retention related services, including automatic issuance of coupons to customers who have not delivered only refunds, to stimulate customers to re-purchase.Businesses can also be used with the new rules of second return.Commodity refund rules will be published on the details page, refund efficiency is one of the competitiveness of the shop.Less restricted seconds back, will also let consumers place orders less concern, which is also good for businesses.Yunke, a taobao education lecturer, summed up the new rules, saying that every time the platform introduces a new rule, merchants tend to judge the pros and cons with emotion.However, regardless of the emotion, the new regulation will in fact standardize the delivery process of merchants, reduce the labor cost of after-sales, but also bring consumers a better after-sales experience.The platform gains more consumer recognition, which in turn leads to more business for the merchants.The underlying logic of the new rules is to optimize the business environment based on big data, which is really good for consumers, businesses and platforms.What are businesses worried about?Of course, there are still a small number of merchants who have expressed concerns about “order retention” : under the old rule, merchants have a certain amount of time to retain customers before confirming the refund for unshipped orders launched two hours after payment.But under the new rules, money is refunded directly to consumers’ accounts, leaving little room for negotiation.However, both the platform’s observations and the experience of other vendors suggest that very few orders are successfully retained.Because if the reason for undelivered refund is “don’t want it”, there is very little room to retain it, and the labor cost is not proportional to the return.Liang said he still routinely resists them because the furs he sells are expensive and worth a second try.Of course, the new rule will not affect his retention — it is precisely in consideration of the retention needs of Gaoke’s single goods that the new rule still sets a limit of 500 yuan or less for Taobao stores.Huang Zhongping, a food merchant, expressed another concern: the ERP system used by his shop is delayed, and it takes dozens of seconds or even a minute for each delivery order to update the logistics status of taobao orders.Inside this period of time, if consumer initiated second retreat, compare troublesome.Even if you can communicate with the logistics company to intercept the order, you will still lose the delivery fee.Part of the delivery process is not standard merchants, the same risk — the actual delivery has been delivered, but did not click “delivery” in the system in time.The platform previously tracked shipments from millions of merchants over the past three months, and less than 5 percent of merchants were “careless.”Under the new rules of second return, it is also from another perspective to optimize the delivery process of businesses, in order to avoid unnecessary losses.As for the risk of second withdrawal caused by the delay of delivery status synchronization, the ERP system on the market can control the delay to the millisecond level. In order to eliminate such a small probability event, the REPLACEMENT of ERP system can be considered.Of course, there will be migration costs.”Sellers” found that there are also many “smart” businesses, will first go to the order status click delivery, and then the actual delivery, in order to avoid risks.But strictly speaking, this is not worth advocating.In this regard, Yunke also pointed out that according to his observation, because of the time difference between the actual delivery and the page to confirm the delivery of goods and “malicious buyers” exploit the loophole profit situation is not completely unknown, but such a situation is too small, the seller can not give up eating for choking.Rather than infinitely magnify the influence of minimal probability events, it is better to solve this problem from the process, operation and technology.Of course, Taobao has always identified abnormal users based on big data, and will shut them down with various permissions, including second refund.Can help merchants from the source of maximum interception of such risks.On September 17, 2021, At the Double 11 business Conference of Taobao Live Broadcast, Director Dao Fang said that the number of users of Taobao live broadcast had exceeded 500 million, the platform flow increased by 59% year-on-year, and the GMV of taobao live broadcast increased by 55% year-on-year.However, buyers are more likely to make impulse purchases and have higher refund rates under live broadcast.Kuaishou live streaming operations told reporters that when doing ROI budgets for brands, the return rate has been an important component of the calculation formula.Taobao Live broadcast has a more mature supply chain and strict quality control. Compared with other e-commerce live broadcast platforms, the refund rate is more reasonable.However, in the past, when the GMV driven by live broadcasting grows larger, it will inevitably bring higher refund rate.Not only live scenes, double 11, double 12 and other big promotion nodes also do this.Many consumers in the dazzling low price, discount temptation, easy to worry about the order without thinking clearly, so businesses have to face the subsequent continuous refund applications.More and more stores are doing self-seeding, double 11GMV continues to grow, and the importance of great promotion node is becoming more prominent.At this time, the platform upgrades the second exit rule, which seems to be intended to help merchants to face the increasingly diversified marketing scene more efficiently and easily in the future.Therefore, when we look at the new regulation of second refund, we need not only focus on the number of orders that use this service, but also consider the impact of this regulation on business operation in a longer cycle by integrating consumer refund satisfaction, merchant labor cost, refund capital loss, refund completion time and other dimensions.Xiao Er believes that consumer refund satisfaction is the most intuitive.It is also not hard to see the direction that Kim, who is in charge of Alibaba’s digital business division in China, said that “the new structure will fully focus on user experience and customer value” after alibaba announced its organizational restructuring at the end of last year.E-commerce has entered the era of stock, and each major platform has put experience in a higher position.Second back new regulations radiation tao is tens of millions of businesses, one billion consumers, but also indirectly put forward higher requirements for the whole industry.

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