Yinan County science and technology innovation endowed with high quality development

“This emergency relief box is usually put in the state of the box, when unfolded is a hospital bed, easy to receive, easy to transport, functional integrity, suitable for post-disaster rescue, can also meet the emergency needs of family units after emergencies.”In the first “Mayor cup” industrial design competition of Linyi city just concluded recently, the “emergency rescue box” developed by Yinan Lunqin Medical (Shandong) Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. won the bronze prize of the competition.Regarding this honor, Li Guanting, general Manager of the company is very “calm”, “Roentgen Medical Intelligent Equipment is a professional company of medical imaging equipment, radiation protection, medical supplies, medical maintenance, we know that in this industry to survive, and high-quality survival, creativity is a must.”Also in this competition, Yinan County Dongyue machinery Co., LTD. ‘s work “automatic stacking and clamping billet machine”, Shandong Huasheng Zhongtian construction Machinery Co., LTD.’ s work “DLT-20 model sleepers bolt coating machine” won the contest excellence award.”Since the establishment of the factory, we have been not stingy in science and technology investment, at present we have provincial enterprise technology center, provincial building materials mechanical engineering laboratory and other R & D institutions, with 8 authorized invention patents, 45 utility model patents, these honors are behind the development of our Dongyue machinery backing.Dongyue machinery Co., LTD. Administrative manager he Bin said.In recent years, Yinan County through the construction of enterprise technology innovation platform, and constantly improve the independent innovation ability of enterprises.In 2021, Yinan county organized and implemented a total of 28 provincial technological innovation projects, 17 projects included in the technological innovation project plan, among which Dongyue Machinery Co., Ltd. successfully passed the second batch of “Shandong Manufacturing Single Champion” review, Shuaike Pet Products Co., Ltd. was awarded the title of “Shandong Gazelle Enterprise”.Products of Shandong Sunshine Zotye Mechanical Engineering Co., Ltd. were selected into the 2021 Shandong high-quality equipment list, Haoquan Silicon industry was successfully selected into the provincial technological innovation demonstration enterprise, and the intelligent air purifier of Shandong Eastern Airlines and Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. was successfully selected into the Shandong Innovative industrial product list.This year, Shandong province proposed to carry out the “ten innovation” action, and “strengthen scientific and technological research and innovation” as the first of the “ten innovation”.In order to fully support enterprise innovation and help enterprises become bigger and stronger, since 2019, Yinan County has issued relevant policies to encourage enterprises to innovate and develop. This year, Yinan County has formulated and issued several policies on the implementation of industrial Strong County Plan.Make clear 23 specific measures in nine aspects, such as stimulating enterprise innovation vitality, supporting enterprise technical transformation, supporting enterprise to become bigger and stronger, and strengthening system guarantee, so as to build a solid policy fortress for yinan decisive industrial strong county and boosting the rise of county.At present, the cash has accumulated more than 1700 ten thousand yuan, for enterprise technology transformation equipment subsidies, reward, reward to foster innovative enterprise innovation platform construction, the joint innovation system construction, scientific and technological achievements reward reward, the total of shuntian chemicals, svejk pet, kaiyuan bearing more than 130 enterprises to obtain government funds, further enhance the endogenous dynamic of enterprise innovation,It has stimulated the innovation vitality of enterprises.”Going forward, we will continue to make strong breakthroughs in enterprises’ policies on technological innovation and development, serve as their ‘waiter’ and ‘guide’, constantly stimulate enterprises’ innovation vitality, enhance their independent innovation capacity and core competitiveness, and strengthen new drivers of high-quality development.”Yinan County industry and information bureau director Li Guijie said.Qilu Evening News · Qilu one point correspondent Yin Jun Zhang Ping

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