Zhejiang province’s first batch of future rural construction pilot village list announced ningbo 11 villages on the list

The reporter learned from Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs on February 7 that Zhejiang Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, provincial Finance Department, provincial Urban and rural style improvement work special class office and other joint issued a list of 100 provincial first batch of future rural construction pilot villages, ningbo has a total of 11 villages on the list.This 11 village, respectively is the town of ningbo haishu district infusing loving saemaul undong, jiangbei yong river street outside cao village, zhenhai city streets aeon zhuang village located at jiufeng mountain area, beilun Qi street, yinzhou district should be street under the bottom of the bay village, fenghua Xiao Wang teng head temple street, yuyao see door town Xie Jialu village, village town yuyao beam to cross the head area, cixi zhou xiang town wanan zhuang village, yuan force the head of zhenhaiVillage, Xiangshan County Yellow avoid ao township high mud village.According to introduction, at present trial village has completed “one village one program” preparation.According to the plan, the pilot village will be led by the Party building, people-oriented, digital, ecological as the core concept, in accordance with the leading industry prosperous, beautiful and livable main body, theme culture prosperous requirements, combined with the characteristics of Ningbo village, actively promote the project construction.We will promote the application of smart medical care, community culture, smart education, smart tourism, smart assistance, smart elderly care, and smart childcare in multiple scenarios, and promote the first demonstration of agricultural and rural modernization.Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs said that it is necessary to promote the integrated and intensive allocation of policies, resources and factors to the pilot villages, and iterate on the future scenes of neighborhood, low-carbon, transportation and governance, so that the pilot villages of the future rural construction will become a benchmark example of urban villages and pastoral cities.(Edited by: Sun Peng, Kang Mengqi)

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