Anita Mui’s 99-year-old mother disowns her son!He was in debt and hospitalized with hypertension

Hungry?Click right to follow us and bring you the latest hardcore entertainment every day!In the early morning of February 14, Hong Kong media reported that Anita Mui’s mother and her son officially broke off their relationship, which aroused netizens’ concern.Anita Mui’s mother name is Qin Dollars, her husband died early after four children grew up alone.She is 99 years old this year, should be at home to spend his old age, but his son Mei Qiming produced a lot of disputes, life is not peaceful.Qin Dollar’s third daughter Mei Aifang died of disease in 2000, the younger daughter Anita Mui died of cervical cancer in 2003, the two sisters are only 40 years old;The second son, Medmin, died of throat cancer in 2015 at the age of 62.Over seventy Years of Mei Qiming is seriously ill, as the only surviving son of Qin DOLLARS, he should be filial piety, but all day idle, long-term gnathe old, mother and child contradictions more and more.Recently qin dollar interview bluntly: “Mei Qiming in debt, he made himself cornered to break off relations.”Qin US dollar angry Mei Qiming money obsessed, will be in debt.Now after the mother and son relationship broke, she put malicious words to the outside world, said mei Qiming all things have nothing to do with their own, also do not want to reveal whether someone chase the door to collect debt and other problems.The resistance of the elderly is poor, coupled with a bad mood, qin Dollar was Mei Qiming gas to make high blood pressure, hospitalized for several days to improve.Mei explained that he did have some debts, but only a few tens of thousands of yuan.Recently, the expenses were high because his mother wanted to see her grandson, so he arranged for his son to go home. The cost of quarantine in the hotel was not a small amount, so he owed some money.It can be seen that Mei Qiming does not seem to want to break off relations with her mother, but she has no choice but to say: “She wants to do what she wants.”Mei Qiming said the mother is now “economic blockade”, no longer give him any money, also blame qin Dollar heart of stone, let his heart like dying ash, want to end it all.Mei Qiming think they mother and son to this step today, all because of relatives in sow discord, everyone sees him as an enemy, the outside malicious let his heart is very painful, frankly he will die earlier than his mother, with the idea of death.Qin Dollars before the New Year has not picked up the phone mei Qiming, two people can no longer communicate as before, the relationship fell to the freezing point, it seems difficult to shake hands in the future.In fact, Anita Mui made a will before she passed away, leaving most of her property to her close friends and nieces and nephews.Qin Dollars and Mei Qiming is not willing to, two people have been fighting for a huge amount of property together.Until last year, when the film of the same name, Anita Mui, was released, Mr. Mui tried unsuccessfully to make more money, claiming that the film violated his trademark rights.Qin dollars because this matter and son produced differences, no longer blindly support him, two people gradually go their separate ways.Today, qin Dollars still rely on her daughter’s legacy, her body is not as good as before, and his son is helpless, hope they can properly deal with these disputes.Anita Mui’s mother scolded Anita Mui qi-ming for her obsession with money.

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