Bring out Alan Tam, owe Leslie Cheung, do business with pirates, movies dare not make life

A, the movie is just a side business, to the Middle East to do some small business is the real business to play music to beat the song god Sam Hui, Alan Tam met him, can only be second, and Stephen Chow storm play, he does not fall wind, bankruptcy, he is the pirate business, let oneself successful turn over, he is “mean male” originator Chen Baixiang.Before becoming an actor, Chen bai-hsiang began his career as a singer. With his passion for singing, Chen and his friends formed their own band. At that time, Chen Bai-hsiang was the first singer, and Alan Tam later joined the band as the second member.Later, Chen Baixiang led the band to participate in the Hong Kong Music Youth Festival competition, and won the first place without paying attention to it, and also won the popular band at that time, by Sam Hui’s Lotus band, which became famous from then on.But as more commercial activities followed, Chen broke up the band.From the film and television industry to business, began his entrepreneurial journey.Not to mention, the business is doing well, in just two years, from a small garment factory, to a large plant with thousands of people, the value also rose.But there is a saying that the height will fall heavy, overnight multimillionaire becomes “negative weng”, Chen Baixiang owes tens of millions of debt, in order to restore the loss, he took the clothes set foot on the Middle East to sell goods trip.At that time, Chen Baixiang had a batch of raincoats, but the Middle East is not a rainy place.Since conventional means could not sell, he resorted to dangerous tactics. He persuaded the local residents that this style was the most popular one at the moment, and they rushed to buy it. The local hot item was also this raincoat.He also told locals that if he sold a piece of clothing, he would get a dollar commission. Under this model, Chen returned to China with a huge profit in less than four years.Such a legend, probably in the show business to find a second person.After selling clothes Chen Baixiang returned to Hong Kong, put down his wealth dream, under the introduction of good friend Alan Tam, participated in the singing contest held by TVB, ranking once again on the top of the list, so smoothly signed wireless, also become a host, “A ratat” with humorous funny style, get the audience’s love.The person is as its name, in fact Chen Baixiang also is really very severe, from the he that does not act experience just enters show business circle to mix wind unripe water rise, especially comedic talent got very big display opportunity, after joining Shao shi, Chen Baixiang participated in scriptwriter work again, performance and scriptwriter two do not delay.Stephen Chow, a casual friend, publicly attacked Leslie Cheung, saying that Stephen Chow has no friends and is not worthy of deep friendship. How dare Chen Baixiang say that?In the late 1980s, there were three Kings and one queen in the Hong Kong music scene: Leslie Cheung, Chan Bai-bian, Alan Tam and Anita Mui.When Cheung started out, the two were often compared because of their physical resemblance to Alan Tam.The relationship between the two people seems to be calm, but in fact, the two fans often play, the intensity is not lost now the small fresh meat.The media also often add a fire to this matter, many times sow discord, and at that time, Chen Baixiang is standing on Alan Tam’s side, the two have known each other since childhood, their relationship is naturally better than Leslie cheung’s relationship.However, in fact, the two singers, both in personality and musical style, are polar opposites. One is optimistic, the other is sentimental, the other is heroic, the other is artistic, and their fan groups do not overlap.Even Chen baixiang admits publicly that different singing methods should not be compared.Knowing that Leslie was a good person, Chan publicly supported Alan Tam and attacked Leslie cheung.In 2007, Chen Baixiang participated in the program, the most sorry person is Leslie Cheung, always owe him a “sorry”.”Actually, I have worked with Leslie cheung in the past and enjoyed getting along with him.But he and Alan Tam are iron friends, so they had to hit Leslie cheung.Because wireless is so competitive, there will always be people who get hurt.And he was the one I hurt the most.”Chen Baixiang is a very simple and straightforward person in life. In his own words, “My life is black and white, there is no gray area.It is also because of his character that he inadvertently hurt Leslie cheung.At that time, Hong Kong coincided with the comedy market, Chen Baixiang although he was not the leading role, but he still has a firm foothold in the film and television industry with his ability.Although Chen baixiang has appeared in many films before, he is best known to the audience for his work in Stephen Chow’s films.In 1992, Chen baixiang and Stephen Chow worked together for the first time to shoot “Cartoon Dragon”. Since then, the two have worked together continuously, the most famous of which is probably “Tang Pak Fu Light Autumn Fragrance”, Chen Baixiang is also popular because of this.Unlike their on-screen chemistry, their relationship is not as good in real life as it is on screen.Chen baixiang once said in an interview program that he and Chow were just colleagues and had no personal contact.Chen Baixiang admitted that Stephen Chow is a movie wizard, so Stephen Chow is very proud, not with other people, the relationship between the two or the boss pull the strings, Chen Baixiang has always been so, can not be forced, so two people are just acquaintances.If Stephen Chow had not been born suddenly, Chen Baixiang would be the “king of comedy”, because his life is full of twists and interesting.Chen Baixiang, the audience joked with him “a see his face would like to hit people”, and he also lived up to expectations, in his starring movies, there really is no drama is not hit by people!Although Chen Baixiang appearance level is not high, but in Hong Kong can be funny not only Xing Ye, his comedy factor also let the audience laugh belly laugh, even the audience said, this is a very funny name to think of.In the films he participated in, although he was not the leading role, he never fell in front of the leading role, because a supporting role, he could also give enough soul and touching characters.In 1982, Chen baixiang’s first film “Modern Teacher” came out.It was then that his talent for comedy was thoroughly kindled.Followed by “King of Thieves”, “Playboy”, “Frog Prince” and other popular comedy.At that time, the market heat rose sharply, TVB struck while the iron was hot, in just two years, arranged for him to shoot 12 films, but because Hong Kong actors are fixed salary, the workload is large and small, Chen Baixiang unwilling to do so, so gave up the leading role, turned to a supporting role.As it turns out, Chen Baixiang, who has great acting talent, can still become a golden supporting role for TVB even if he gives up the leading role.Although Chen baixiang plays the role of green leaf, he still shines in the film, even better than the main character.Chen Baixiang became a supporting professional, from 1985 and Wang Jing began to cooperate, Chen Baixiang to find their own positioning.Become the golden leaf of TVB!His unique acting style is also loved by the audience, and each of his roles is impressive.Starting in 1992, chan pak cheung have cooperation with Stephen chow film, ministry and sell good, even if in front of Stephen chow starred in “flirting scholar”, chan pak cheung is still with his hands “base gas”, add your own flavor, in the movie ZhuZhiShan lewd useless features show up flexible spirit now, two people in a white a black film, joke funny than,The jokes didn’t stop, and some viewers even said that Chen baixiang was funnier than Stephen Chow.Although Chen baixiang has played green leaf roles all the year round, as a golden supporting role in classic movies, his face is familiar to many audiences.When acting, Chen Baixiang can follow the characteristics of the role “changeful”, which also makes him go more and more smoothly on the deductive road, but for him, taking drama is just to engage in “sideline”, making money is the hard truth!Acting was just a small interlude in his life.

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