Folk tale: a mother-in-law maltreats her daughter-in-law after her son dies and makes her grandson emaciate. Taoist Priest: Commit sin

Read folktales and taste life. Welcome to watch moonseeker sauce telling stories.In ancient times, at the foot of the Qinling Mountains, there lived a peasant named Zhao Dewang. He was in his 20s and was tall and thick. He was dull and not good at speech, but he was good at farm work.Zhao dewang’s father died a long time ago, and it was his mother, Mrs. Liu, who brought him up by excrement.Although Zhao Dewang is not good at words, but he knows that it is not easy for his mother to grow up alone, so he is very sensible from childhood to maturity, never contradict his mother, what is delicious and good to drink, will be the first time to his mother to taste.Old Lady Liu is a very strong woman, when Zhao Dewang’s father died, many people advised her to remarry, but she refused, lost their lifetime happiness, single-minded to bring up Zhao Dewang.When Zhao Dewang was seventeen years old, Old Lady Liu invited a matchmaker in the town to make a match for him. Since Zhao dewang was tall and handsome, and looked decent, several women wanted to marry zhao Dewang.Liu Laotai looked at the information, a few of the pondering for a long time, finally decided to the town, a woman named hui min, this woman like usually, at that time, gentle is virtuous, Liu Laotai think to myself, what is called a wife to marry xian, his son must to choose a clever daughter-in-law obedient, so, they young couple would have a good future.In this way, half a month later, the matchmaker took Huimin to Zhao Dewang’s home, so that the two sides met, looking at Huimin’s gentle and clever appearance, Liu was very satisfied, and Zhao Dewang saw his mother so satisfied, felt that his mother’s eyes were correct, and agreed to the marriage.After that, Old Lady Liu invited someone to see the auspicious day and married her son Zhao Dewang.After their marriage, Huimin treated Zhao Dewang and her mother-in-law very well, and the family lived a good life for a while.One year, however, soon passed, hui min or not pregnant with the child, at this time Liu Laotai attitude towards the hui min is one day than a day, everyday to hui min sparring, low-skill jobs himself in the home to hui min to dry, not only such, even the food in the home, Liu Laotai are not willing to let hui min to eat, every time is me and my son Zhao Dewang after satiated with food and wine,To send Huimin to eat the leftovers.Hui min heart sad, want to seek help from her husband Zhao Dewang, unfortunately, Zhao Dewang to hui min said: “my mother is a person pulls me grow up is very not easy, at the beginning marry daughter-in-law, and my mother love you, I didn’t marry you in the door, you should make her old man’s house is not happy, now that he scold you or two out what’s wrong with a vent?”Hearing her husband Cho Dewang say this, Huimin knows that her husband will not speak to her, so she has to swallow her pride every day, while serving her husband and her mother-in-law, but also endure the bullying of her mother-in-law Liu.In this way, two years later, Zhao Dewang went out to work. Less than a month later, he was hit on the head by a falling rock and died on the spot.On hearing this news, Old lady Liu and Huimin hurried to zhao Dewang’s place of work, saw Zhao Dewang was carried to a piece of wood, covered with white cloth, Liu old lady immediately fainted, with the help of the people, we put Zhao Dewang’s body back to home, hastily buried.Since the death of her son Zhao Dewang, Old Lady Liu’s health is getting worse day by day, but she still can’t change her bad temper and still bossing Around Huimin. Huimin is a kind-hearted girl who does not refute her mother-in-law’s difficulties.This day, hui min feel groggy, dizziness, nausea and vomiting, even so he went to check, the doctor in the town after the doctor looked glad to hui min said, “congratulations you ah, you’ve got pregnant with the child, the child already has more than three months, I’ll give you some medicine spuc, you take it home on time.”With that, the doctor turned to prescribe medicine.Huimin took the medicine and walked slowly home. Before she entered the house, huimin heard her mother-in-law, Old Lady Liu, cursing in the courtyard again. Seeing Huimin back, she said fiercely, “Why do you always go out from day to day?Did watching my son die make you feel any other way? I tell you, you’ll die of it. You won’t do anything more than that as long as my wife is alive.”Hearing this, Huimin did not get angry. On the contrary, she smiled and said to her mother-in-law, “Don’t get angry. I went to see the doctor in town today, and the doctor said that I was pregnant with a baby.When Mrs. Liu heard this, her face softened and she said to Huimin with a smile, “But what you said is true?”Huimin nodded her head shyly. Mrs. Liu quickly let huimin sit on the chair and said to Huimin in a soft voice, “That’s great!That’s good!What a miracle of ancestors!Let the Zhao family have a family, good daughter-in-law, what would you like to eat?I’ll do it for you.”Huimin felt very surprised by Mrs. Liu’s change, and she suddenly did not know how to take the conversation. Mrs. Liu took out some cakes from the back room and handed them to Huimin, indicating that she had a good meal and did not apologize.Huimin accepted the cake flattered, since then, Liu Old lady to Huimin is obedient, ten months later, Huimin gave birth to a son for Zhao Dewang, Liu old lady gave his baby grandson named Zhao Youwei, hope he can be successful in the future.Zhao Youwei since birth, was Liu Laotai carefully taken care of, can’t have the slightest negligence, but oddly, Zhao Youwei newborn, or a white white fat children, but with the passage of time, Zhao Youwei incredibly thin down gradually, after six months, the thin skinny.Looking at his grandson so small, Old Lady Liu felt anxious.One day, Old Mrs. Liu and her grandson Zhao Youwei were basking in the sun outside the courtyard when a Taoist priest passed by. The Taoist priest stopped after looking at Zhao Youwei unintentionally.Old lady Liu felt very strange and asked the Taoist priest: “Dare to ask the Taoist chief, what is wrong with my great grandson?”The long stroked his beard and then said in a deep voice, “Oh, what a sin!”When huimin saw the Taoist priest coming in, her face suddenly changed and she turned around and wanted to go back to her house. At this time, the Taoist priest shouted, “Animal, you had better stay on the mountain and come down to harm others. I will not accept you today.”Fled before hui min, the Taoist priest then took out a piece of paper, read aloud, toward the hui min blunt past, hui min only parry, not strike back, not a few action by Taoist down and character of Taoist handle paper stick on the hui min, hui min have bellow immediately, after a few moments, the shadow of a transparent, emerged from the hui min,It gradually became clear that it was a weasel.Liu old lady at this time looked at the dying weasel, feel very strange, hurriedly asked long, this is what is going on?Monks at Liu Laotai at this time, give me the ins and outs of the thing it is because the original Liu Laotai often bully hui min, hui min has wronged in the heart is, so often a man ran to the depths of the mountains, silent cry, which was targeted by a weasel, hui min at this point is extremely fragile, very easily by the weasel attached.And huimin’s child was wasting away every day because of the weasel. After the Taoist Priest finished all this, he turned to Old Lady Liu and said:”Your daughter-in-law is gentle and virtuous. Even though your son passed away, she did not show disrespect to you, but you made things difficult for him in every way. It can be said that your grandson suffered such a tragedy because of you.After saying this, the Taoist priest turned and left. Old Lady Liu looked at Huimin lying on the ground and remained speechless for a long time.Not long after, Huimin woke up, and he could not remember the whole thing. Old Mrs. Liu looked at her daughter-in-law, took huimin by the hand, and said to her, “It was all my fault. From now on, we should get along well with each other and work together to bring up our child.”Hearing her mother-in-law’s words, Huimin was also very touched. She nodded her head and promised her, “Don’t worry!Although my husband is dead, I still regard you as my own mother. I will take good care of you and the baby for him.”In this way, Liu old lady and Huimin together to raise Zhao Youwei, it is worth mentioning that Zhao Youwei from the urine is very smart and sensible, a little older, Huimin put him into a private school, the child reading calligraphy is much faster than other children, even Sir Kua he is expected to get fame in the future.Sure enough, Zhao Youwei was admitted as a scholar at the age of 14. At the age of 19, he was the top scholar in high school. At that time, the local people were shocked, and everyone said that Huimin and Liu Laotai were really lucky to have such a top scholar in education.After Zhao Youwei got the top spot in the examination, he took a job in the capital. He also took Liu Laolai and Huimin to live in the capital, and the family lived a rich life.Ok, this issue of the story, we finished here, feel free to comment in the comments section!Thank you for watching, if you want to see more folk tales, please follow – Moonseeker sauce

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