Ren Jialun long meaning duplicity fish

“Just like the departed” began last night, long meaning to ji Yunhe closed in the middle of the lake island.I give full marks to the barfish’s duplicity.● Was betrayed by action ● Heard Yunhe woke up, immediately and green Ji leave, can’t wait to turn around and leave, when still don’t forget to take the fish soup from the special stew.He said that ji Yunhe but a prisoner, a pair of unrelated to their appearance, but the most care about the prisoner is his own.Knowing that Ji Yunhe was weak, he stared at ji Yunhe every day to eat and drink medicine. Although he used the hardest, coldest and most blunt tone, his eyes were full of pity and heartache.● tone betrayed ● “when I want to torture you, you must be alive”, a see Ji Yunhe said malicious words, but the kind of ruthless clear with deliberate, for malicious and malicious, for injury and injury.He was talking to Ji Yunhe, but also to himself, he wanted to numb himself, through this way to suggest that he had already put down Ji Yunhe, suggesting that he had no affection for her.Ren Jialun’s original lines disguise and conceal the emotional expression of the very full, listen to in the ear, thorn in the heart.Long meaning asked Ji Yunhe when the cliff in the end what happened.In fact, he never believed that Ji Yunhe really wanted to hurt him. He was both eager to know the truth and afraid to know the truth. He was afraid that everything Ji Yunhe did was from the heart, and that ji yunhe’s “like you, my heart is happy with you” was really just a hoax.The hand clenching the corner of the coat, the eyes not moving at all, watching Ren Jialun’s details, it seems that they can feel the suffering of waiting for the answer.● Long meaning every time facing Yunhe did not dare to look at her eyes, the corner of his eye is always red.I want to love but can’t love, I care about it but I have experienced deception and betrayal, entanglement, pain, struggle, contradiction and sadness. Ren Jialun’s mixture of these emotions is in place, which makes people feel distressed and sentimental.Casual glance, dodging eyes, every detail is exposing the sincerity of long meaning.He wanted to let Yunhe in his side, want to protect Yunhe to live, do not want to let her be hurt, that kind of duplicity, duplicity state is really too delicate.Cruel and deep feeling, cruel and dote on drowning, sharp and gentle, Ren Jialun long yi face Ji Yunhe’s emotional complexity, pull feeling, the sense of contradiction performance incisively and vividly, this hidden in the bottom of the heart of love really good knife ah.

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