Rucheng Economic opening zone: the first lesson about safety

Rednet moment February 14 – (correspondent Zhu Zhongkai) After the Spring Festival, enterprises resume work, personnel return to their posts.Recently, Rucheng economic development Zone seize the opportunity to resume work and production after the holiday, active action, to carry out the “start the first lesson about safety” activities, the first lesson of safety production.Rucheng Economic Development Zone organized all the cadres and workers to go deep into the enterprises to do a good job in the resumption of work and production safety hidden trouble investigation, guide enterprises to strictly implement the main responsibility, do real do fine staff pre-job training, hidden trouble problem set line set change, achieve “open the door smoothly”.Enterprises study and formulate feasible post-holiday plans for resuming work and production, strictly implement various safety prevention systems, implement safety responsibilities, formulate supporting emergency response plans, and strengthen drills;Organize and carry out post safety responsibility commitment, establish the concept of “responsibility is the biggest hidden trouble”, consciously integrate into daily production work, and carefully observe the safety management rules and regulations;Carry out a comprehensive safety inspection, according to their own actual, thorough investigation of hidden dangers, effectively prevent all kinds of accidents.

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