Anger a knife lost legend magic psychic attack fury a knife magic refining where

Anger a knife (the same name: lost legend, blood mining) three mutual discount hand tour, today to introduce you to the game of magic psychic and magic refining guide, anger a knife gift package, discount drops.In an ancient battlefield and open heart level after god, will unlock the magic psychic play and magic find ancient battlefield NPC form and consumption LingShi and channeling of crafting washes the magic attribute, a total of four, article 4 of article 3 May wash out special properties and special skills, consumption must be can lock in the current attributes, when washing out the better properties, the higher the score will be,A total score of 8000 unlocks the psychic Heart and increases the stats again.Magic refining to open 110 days to open, consumption of refining stone to improve the magic level, improve the basic attributes of magic, also when the total level of magic refining to meet certain requirements, will produce a suit effect, again to improve the attributes.The above is fury a knife magic device psychic and refined introduction, to learn more about the game guide or get a gift package, consultation discount can pay attention to the public number “Jiaojiao mobile tour guide station”, we see you next time.

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