Deyunshe Zhang Helun online dubbing, copy yue Yunpeng wonderful moment, the audience laughed and cried

On January 27, tianjin SATELLITE TV and Deyun Society jointly recorded the variety show “Youth Guarding artists” met the audience.In this episode, the Band welcomed new members Jang Hak-lun and Yang Hak-tong, and also invited liu Chun-yan, a chafer, and Singer Huang Ya-li to be its guests.See beetle Liu Chunyan stage, we already vaguely feel that this program may be related to childhood, will be full of childhood memories.In addition to these, the debut of Zhang Helun also showed his acting skills, online dubbing, reproducing yue Yunpeng’s wonderful moments, and the audience watched Zhang Helun’s performance, but laughed and cried.In the interactive part of the game, Deyun Brothers and guests played dubbing games.In see released picture is the movie “From your world pass by”, teacher yue Yunpeng chase “swallow” bridge segment.Zhang Helun volunteered, said he had seen, but with the Northeast try dubbing.And Huang Yali is also very positive at this time, directly said that they can try “swallow” this role.Hear Huang Yali and his partner, Zhang Helun is also a second into the play, directly to Huang Yali affectionately came a “swallow”.See this, everyone is also amused by Zhang Helun’s wit.Of course, some viewers wonder why Jang has such a good acting skills.From a security guard to a comedian, he doesn’t seem to have much contact with movies and TV shows.See this audience say so, also see him to deyun society just love.You know, Zhang Helun likes to think things over and is very willing to delve into anything he is interested in.Therefore, with this mind, Zhang Helun has a lot of experience in performance, after all, crosstalk performers on the stage is also a performance mode.In addition, Zhang Helun is also good at creation, which also shows that he has a deeper understanding and control of some plots and nuances. Relatively speaking, he is better able to understand the feelings of the characters and is easier to get into the play.It is unclear whether Mr. Chang had received any systematic training.But large and small film and television drama Zhang Helun still participated in the shooting of many.The “reading around” before shooting, the summary after shooting and so on, more or less will let xiao Bai have growth.Of course, coupled with the northeast people’s innate humor, funny, good at acting and other talents, under the comprehensive effect of these things, also slowly achieved Zhang Helun, let everyone see some of his talent in acting.After the dubbing begins, Zhang helun speaks Yue yunpeng’s words in northeast China, while Huang Yali speaks the word “Swallow” in Hunan’s version of Mandarin.Just began to hear Zhang Helun’s dialogue, the guests present, the audience were amused by the humor of the Northeast.In the final scene, when Yue yunpeng chases a taxi and runs, Shouting for swallows, Helun Chang’s voice makes everyone laugh and cry.Because this time Zhang Helun is very into the play, we can feel zhang Helun’s true feelings.Seeing this, the audience sighed with emotion, why do deyun Society actors do everything so excellent?Some popular actors, in particular, give people the feeling that they are versatile.It has a lot to do with their growth and their attitude towards things.Take Zhang Helun for example, three into three out of deyun Society, on this insistence, it can be seen that Zhang Helun will have a good development in the future, because this perseverance, this adherence is not ordinary people can do.So, with this spirit to do things, what else can not be done?Of course, in addition to perseverance, persistence, perseverance, talent is also very important, to have their own style, to have their own understanding, after all, imitation of others is not oneself, also does not belong to their own.

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