Fangdajiu Steel survey management system successfully passed the annual supervision and audit

Jiujiang News (Li Ting) recently, Beijing NATIONAL standard Joint certification Co., Ltd. expert group of Fangdajiu Steel for 2022 iso10012:2003 measurement management system supervision and audit, expert group agreed that fangdajiu steel measurement management system runs well, in line with the requirements of the national audit criteria, to be passed.The expert group conducted supervision and inspection on the 8 secondary units and functional departments covered by the measurement management system of Fangdajiu Steel by checking documents, on-site sampling inspection, interview and exchange. The inspection content covers the control of the measurement process, the management of measurement equipment, and the current operation of the system.After two days of series of inspection, review panel each other big nine steel measuring overall running situation of the management system to give the full affirmation, actively promote the other big nine steel carbon monoxide measurement standard measuring equipment parameter information management, new measures such as praise, measurement management system in conformity with the agreed that Fang Dajiu steel ISO10012:2003 standard requirements.On this basis, the audit expert group also gave guidance and suggestions for improving the operation of the current enterprise measurement management system, and promoted the operation of fangdajiu Steel measurement management system to a higher level.

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