Feng Gong family visit by the master nanny, repeatedly sent explicit information with a lawyer to make a scene

In 2003, Feng Gong went to visit a good friend who had a car accident at the Nanjing Song and Dance Troupe. Finally, his friend was discharged from hospital, but a nanny who served his friends asked for Feng Gong’s phone in front of everyone. In order to go smoothly to Feng Gong’s phone, she also said such a set of words that people could not refuse.Although your friend has been discharged from hospital, he is still very badly injured, and now it is not convenient to move. I am afraid that if there is something, I can not find others to help. Leave your telephone number, so that I can contact you if there is something really wrong.02 2 feng gong thought friends nanny said very reasonable, just leave your number, returned to Beijing after also haven’t this seriously, but suddenly one day, he received the nanny information, and more and more frequent, this lets him embarrassed, because it is a good friend’s nanny, not back to like not polite but always reply like also not quite right, after all, for men, the babysitter?Age in his early 30s, a divorced woman named Zhang Meng, accidentally, gradually the nanny began to send some explicit information about yue Opera, Feng Gong refused at that time, but also told the other side that he had a wife and children 03 but this not only did not let the other side backward, but the other side also sent more indescribable information.Finally saw not when “EN” opportunity, simply like Feng Gong for money, in 2004, she found a lawyer, two people conspire together, said Feng Gong harassment of female fans also had a relationship, the purpose is to ruin his reputation.But if Feng Gong is willing to give female nanny and lawyer 500,000 words, this matter will not be sued, at the beginning feng Gong thought the other party want money crazy.Ignore, but let him did not expect is that the female nanny finally really and lawyers with feng Gong’s unit, this thing really make big, as if the distance from his reputation is bad a headline news of the matter 04 But Feng Gong is not afraid of the Lord, he did not say what can not admit.Returned home after he told the story to his wife, his wife is believe that her husband is ah, and finally discuss the couple go to the police, after the police investigation, after confirm feng gong is blackmail, the offending female nanny was sentenced to five years conspiring to lawyer was sentenced to four years, also see really found here, it is red outside the temptation to do great.A little bit more concentration is easy to stumble, of course feng Gong is a step by step struggle out, what the wind and waves have not seen, what temptation has not experienced, of course, not everyone is good at this mouth.To this want to say Feng Gong is a three views is a hard character of the people 05 don’t say there is no reporter exposure, even if things are exposed will not shake his impression in everyone’s heart, because understand Feng Gong people know that he is famous early, is a very kind person.It is also very good artist to the person beside, for instance in those days the daughter that Feng Xiaogang gives birth to before wife wants to go to the hospital to do cleft lip and palates operation but the day price operation cost of 6000 became difficult problem, it is to call friend Feng Gong to help finally, Feng Gong?Riding this bike, in pocket money is sent to the hospital, and a lot of toys for the children and 07 Gu Ling graduated from central academy of drama, at that time in Beijing not bottom go to, finally decided to pack up home development, face before walk a farewell to call teacher feng gong, is this phone call changed the fate of the Gu LingBecause students learn their (Gu Ling in silliness feng gong) is one of the teachers in Beijing after mixed up with her sister, says package Gu Ling after dinner accommodation problem myself around, and then began to take their Gu Ling to use their influence to Gu Ling create opportunities, sometimes benefit performance, style also didn’t pay.But in order to let Jia Ling have money to live, he will pay jia Ling out of his own pocket, as one said, if there is no wind more carry help.It is very likely that there is no jia Ling style now almost not on TV, but his works and his influence is still in, do not say he is a public welfare person, but can be counted as a warm heart, want to calculate such a virtuous and artistic old drama bone, can only say that the nanny is too stupid, for Feng Gong’s behavior how do you think?

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