Gem rebound space judgment, big financial liquor cycle analysis and comparison

Shanghai composite index :(1) the most notable feature of Tuesday’s market is that the style of the market has been changed for a long time, among which the theme category led by the gem index performed well. After the adjustment of 2 months as long as December 15, today ushered in the first turning process of the bottom.(2) We can see from the gem daily K line structure, at this time, the GEM daily K line formed the morning cross star K line shape (also known as the counterattack line shape), today’s positive line entity has reversed the part of last Friday’s negative line, and closed at the 5-day average position, gem closed at 2816 points.(3) Note that the GEM is currently in the lower box range of 2603 to 3085 points, after the formation of the first wave of rebound, there is expected to be repeated, because at present in the box range has just formed a unilateral bottomed process, not the formation of the transverse box range.(4) The gem is expected to rebound for the first time to the upper 20 moving average position.(Because the horizontal disk box formed before the New Year’s Day in December last year stood on the 10-day moving average, the bottom of this time is more than the last time, the upward rebound level is expected to be stronger, will be near the 20-day moving average.It is worth noting that the 20 daily average lines are currently down quickly, is in the dynamic down, a lot of walking and motionless state, investors in February afternoon should pay attention to the index of average dynamic mobile location) (5) the direction of small theme class gem class today are in general condition, such as biological medicine, medical equipment, new energy, photovoltaic industry,Double Innovation 50 index, semiconductor science and technology, China Securities military industry, etc.(6) For this kind of index, I suggest holding positions for rising, it is only one day now, low positions can also enter the configuration part, it is expected that this rebound will appear in the second half of February.(Note that the strategy of the afternoon market can refer to my long judgment, can be judged by the recovery of the 20 moving average position of the GEM. If there is an opportunity, the heavy position can follow my afternoon plan and do a good job of high selling and low buying band strategy. The specific operation will be clear in advance.)(7) Secondly, for the big financial sectors (China Securities Banks, insurance and securities companies) that strengthened last week, as well as the cyclical sectors of China Securities coal, China Securities steel, real estate, etc., there has been A significant weakening since this week. It can be seen that the a-share bottling this time is in batches. Some indexes first carry out the first wave of rebound, and then change A batch.I think you can hold and wait, because the second adjustment after the first rebound is usually a process of doing a double bottom, but also on the dips, respectively, slowly configured.(8) The current operating cycle of consumer products (Chinese certificate liquor, consumption 50, agriculture, pork, animal husbandry, etc.) between the two is earlier than the start of the rebound of GEM, and later than the big finance. I will make detailed analysis of the time node of the first wave of rebound of liquor in the evening live broadcast.2 PM to 2:30 PM each trading day can refer to my end of the long strategy, rational reference to my firm changes in the plan.Pass by, everybody spends 1 minute trouble to leave a speech below the long article of old unit, write a comment.Thank you old friends for your long-term praise and support, I will grow steadily and constantly improve myself.

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