Jingbin Industrial Park “pre-service” to help enterprises at ease to develop “business environment, is to help enterprises little by little”

“I made more than 40 phone calls in three days. I went to them for almost everything, including car restrictions and the need for supplies.”Haina Chuan Hela (Tianjin) lamp Co., LTD. (referred to as Haina Chuan) senior director Zhen Mingming told reporters.The “them” he refers to are the staff of the management committee of Jingbin Industrial Park in Tianjin’s Wuqing district.Since the company settled in The Jingbin Industrial Park in December 2016, Zhen has lost count of how much help she has asked the management committee for.In his view, “the business environment is to help enterprises every little bit.”Recently, the reporter came to The Jingbin Industrial Park field visit, through the narration of enterprises, to see how to improve the business environment.”What if the freight doesn’t go out?””We are one of the main suppliers of headlights for BBAC. Considering cost saving, the inventory cycle is relatively short. Once the headlights cannot be shipped, it will directly affect the vehicle production.”Zhen said the company normally sends five carloads of goods, worth about 2 million yuan, every day. In the early morning of March 15, hainachuan’s logistics was blocked due to the COVID-19 lockdown.”What if the freight doesn’t go out?”Without thinking, Zhen picked up the phone and asked Li Binghua, director of the enterprise management Department of the park management Committee, for help. At the same time, she quickly reported the transportation problem to Beijing Benz.Enterprise whistle, department report for duty.Li Binghua immediately reported the enterprise’s demands to the relevant management departments.At the same time, Beijing Benz also reported the relevant situation to the local direct management department.Afterwards, the competent departments of Beijing and Tianjin quickly coordinated and communicated.According to Li’s wechat account, he received a “transfer certificate in and out of Beijing” about the incident at 4:51 PM.After the problem in Hainachuan was solved, Li binghua and his colleagues continued to collect and sort out the information of enterprises with similar problems in the park, “checking repeatedly how many vehicles these enterprises have, what products they deliver, and how many license plates they have.”It was busy until 1:00 a.m. on The 16th, when more than a dozen enterprises’ demand summary information was sent to the Wuqing District Industry and Information Technology Bureau. “After the coordination of industry and information technology and transportation departments, the transportation problem was finally solved for enterprises in the park.”Li binghua said.17 morning, looking at a few cars from the factory to pull away, Zhen Mingming heart hanging stone finally fell to the ground.Interview, ZhenMingMing showed reporters a WeChat group, called “12 groups” in the group management committee, head of the enterprise staff and park part, “this group is especially active, what is the new government policy, new requirements will be in the group of notice, enterprise have what demand can also communicate directly in a group, regardless of their commuting time, someone in communication.”In Zhen mingming’s view, with the management committee, the enterprise has a “backbone”.It is understood that According to the location of the jingbin Industrial Park will be divided into 14 groups of enterprises in the park, each group has a corresponding wechat group, equipped with special staff to provide “personal” services for the group of enterprises.”We can act as agents so that enterprises do not have to run.”As more and more enterprises enter Jingbin Industrial Park, the management committee of the park constantly explores how to provide better services for enterprises.”Pre-service” is one of the innovative service measures put forward by the park in recent years.The so-called “pre-service” means that before the official operation of the enterprise, the functional departments anticipate the subsequent problems that the enterprise may face and coordinate in advance to help the enterprise avoid or solve them.In 2018, Aven Automotive Technology (Tianjin) Co., LTD. (aven Tianjin) was registered in Jingbin Industrial Park. Previously, the headquarters and two factories were located in Langfang city, Hebei Province.”Later, we urgently needed to expand production, and after considering many factors, we decided to add a production base in Tianjin.”Wen Tianjin financial manager Xing Jia told reporters.From registration, land acquisition to construction, he experienced the park’s “nanny” service.”We didn’t worry much about land acquisition, planning, environmental protection and other procedures, but the park staff helped us complete them as quickly as possible.”Xing jia said.In late February this year, half a month before anwen Tianjin Project was put into operation, the Park Management Committee convened a service matchmaking meeting with relevant staff of Anwen Tianjin.At the meeting, the enterprise put forward the demand of land for r&d center.”We also want to move our r&d headquarters to Tianjin while building our production base, but we need independent office space.”Xing jiahe said, “After the meeting, on the afternoon of the same day, we got the key of the office. It only takes 5 minutes to drive from the company’s production area, and the park provided it for free. We were very satisfied.”In Li Binghua’s opinion, service enterprises want to be in the front, do in the front, so that enterprises really have no worries, feel at ease to develop.”In the stage of investment promotion, many of our functional departments began to plan in advance and changed their roles to consider the problems they might encounter after the enterprise came to China, such as whether the environmental protection standard is up to standard, how to solve the accommodation of employees, etc. These problems have been prepared before the enterprise project starts.”It is understood that in order to improve efficiency, Jingbin Industrial Park for many years to maintain a “external” window service.”As long as the enterprise meets the problem formation materials handed over to the ‘external’ window, no matter which departments are involved, the staff are responsible for docking with various departments, coordinated solution, we act as a good agent, enterprises do not have to run.”Li binghua said.”For coordinated development, location advantage alone is definitely not enough.”Established in 2009, jingbin Industrial Park has so far attracted more than 5,000 companies from 12 countries and regions.The park occupies the C position of the Beijing-Tianjin golden Corridor and is located in the central area of the main axis of beijing-Binhai development. It is connected with Tongzhou and Langfang and connected with water, which is an important link between Beijing and binhai. These halas gather together and become the origin of the name of Beijing-Binhai Industrial Park.Innate location advantage is one of the important factors to attract enterprises from the three regions. However, Li Binghua believes: “To achieve coordinated development, location advantage alone is certainly not enough. If enterprises are located near each other without good services, how can they develop when they come?”Excellent location and transportation advantages may only be the “standard configuration” chosen by the enterprise. It is a win-win situation for the enterprise and the park to keep the enterprise and help it develop and grow as soon as possible.To this point, Tianjin Hangyu Zhuoran Technology Co., LTD. (referred to as Hangyu Zhuoran) General manager Chang Zhilong also agrees.In November 2017, with the acceleration of tianjin taking over non-capital functions from Beijing, Hangyu Zhuoran moved its factory from Beijing to Jingbin Industrial Park.”The proximity to Beijing is only one thing. I also visited several other parks before moving here, and heard from some business friends that the business environment here is very good. After the actual inspection, I decided to move here.”Now, the number of employees of Hangyu Zhuoran has increased from 28 when it came to Tianjin to 75, and the factory area has expanded from 3,000 square meters in Beijing to 20,000 square meters now. With the help of the park, hangyu Zhuoran has applied to become a “specialized and special new” enterprise in Tianjin.”What a good choice!””He told reporters.According to statistics, in 2021, Jingbin Industrial Park completed the industrial output value of 6.882 billion yuan above the scale, a year-on-year growth of 14.53%;Revenue of services above designated levels reached 23.034 billion yuan, up 5.65% year on year;Investment in fixed assets was 744 million yuan, up 39.39% year on year.Reporter’s note: It is not enough to rely on a single policy to reflect the quality of the business environment, which is simply all the external conditions that affect the development of enterprises.During the interview, when it was learned that the staff of the Management Committee of Beijing Industrial Park helped enterprises solve problems until 1 am;When he heard “very satisfied” from xing’s family;When we see the list of “one external” projects in the park, we can solve many enterprises’ problems such as “sewage networking” and “opening a small door in the factory”, and so on, the good business environment stands out in front of us.The business environment needs policies to support it, but it also needs countless people who put those policies in place and are committed to helping businesses grow.From “nanny-style” service to “backbone”, all represent the trust of enterprises to the park.The park provides intimate services to enterprises and promotes the development of local economy. The two complement each other.It is worth mentioning that in the coordinated development of The Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, especially when it comes to taking over functions that are not the capital of Beijing, a favorable business environment is undoubtedly the most important factor.In helping enterprises to solve the problem of cargo transportation, Beijing and Tianjin related departments communicated quickly and took decisive measures, which is not only the improvement of business environment, but also the best embodiment of cooperation.

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