Pienaar feels that murko wants to move to Serie A, mullen is fit for the Premiership and Klopp could look at Gay

Former South Africa star Steven pienaar spoke to Kicker about borussia Dortmund’s players.Pirna said: “I think murko wants to go to Serie a.When he came into the first team, he didn’t play many games, but he was very efficient.The talented youngster’s agent has hinted at a possible departure from the club and pienaar feels there is no pressure on management to do so.Tanjer Mullen has played well this season, especially when Harland was injured and mullen carried the burden of scoring goals.Pienaar feels the Dutchman could also leave the nerazzurri – mullen is suited to the Premiership, the Dutchman’s skills fit the English football landscape, Liverpool need mullen’s skills and Klopp’s ability to tap into the talent of young players.The Competition in the Premier League is more intense, but the strength of the top teams in the league is less intense, which suits Mullen.Pienaar believes the Dutchman could be a substitute for the trident and could be used in a variety of midfield positions.The big teams in the Premier League need to play on multiple fronts and the manager has a bit of depth in his squad and Mullen is a good candidate for that, so he fits in.Now that Pienaar has talked about Klopp, he has also admitted that anfield is in desperate need of rotation and that the club needs an introduction at midfield level – klopp can look at Gay.Pienaar, who has his eye on the African Cup of Nations, shares Geremi’s interest in Senegal because they have superstars up front, in midfield and at the back, with a reasonable mix of players and cisse’s tactics.Mane leads the front line, coulibaly represents a solid defence.Gay is the heart of the midfield and the engine of the attack, and some of Paris’s biggest stars have said that the Senegalese star is a late-maturing midfield master, and they have warned Pochettino to give him more chances.The PARC des Princes has too much talent in front and centre, and although Gay does start regularly, he does not have a very high percentage of the ball, which pienaar feels he will be a little bit frustrated in Greater Paris, after all Messi, Neymar and Mbappe are the club “can shine”.Pienaar has suggested gay return to the Premier League for review, as the low-key, versatile and big-picture midfield maestro would suit Klopp.I don’t think there is a real central midfield player in Liverpool’s squad. In Liverpool’s 4-3-3 formation, the central midfield player is a key player, as well as a key player in the system.Fabinho has often played at eight this season, but he is also a midfielder with a wide range and his wide nature may be more obvious.Tiago would be a good fit in the middle of the midfield and has good organiser skills, but Klopp seems to prefer the “low pressure cooker” as a wide midfielder, as he plays behind Salah or Mane and the corridor is a boost.From a technical standpoint, he does need to look at gay’s type of star.Anyway, according to Pienaar, Gay is a bit of a dud under Boss Jose mourinho and Liverpool can achieve at least as much as Paris at this stage.So pienaar insists that klopp can look at Gay and that if anfield can form a “Senegalese gang”, it may be good for the team technically and tactically.Why does pienaar think murko wants to go to Serie A?From the league layout, Pienaar predicts that apennine football will enter a period of benign development, the European Championship for Italian football itself has a promotion effect.The azzurri have had a difficult qualifying campaign, which ensures that serie A will not develop too quickly.If murko joins a big serie A team, he will grow with the league and his ability will improve quickly.Although murkoko is young, pienaar noted that he has had a number of injuries and would not be able to cope with the heavy schedule if he moved to the Premiership.Serie A’s schedule is ok, and even apennine’s top teams don’t overdo it in terms of intensity.Jankel has previously said that murko could be on the move to AC Milan, with some of juve’s biggest names keen to see him join the bianconeri.So pienaar feels that murko wants to go to Serie A.Mullen’s style of play is well suited to the Premier League and some fans would argue that the Dutchman has not had much first-team time at Arsenal otherwise he would not have returned to Dutch football.Pienaar said mullen developed quickly at PSV eindhoven and Borussia Dortmund and could play in multiple positions.The Premier League is a place where players with obvious characteristics don’t do well, but not obvious ones, but players who are fit, physical and can play in a variety of positions can find a niche and Mullen is one of those players.So pienaar insists mullen is fit for the Premiership.

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