That’s great!Hainan gave the house to go up insurance, there is quality problem inside bridal chamber insurance to be able to obtain compensate

Buying a house is a life event, for buyers, housing quality is particularly important.Although there is a 2-year warranty period after the completion and acceptance of the new house project, quality problems can be repaired through the quality guarantee, but many potential engineering quality defects often appear after 2 years, and the housing quality guarantee period obviously can not provide enough protection for buyers.Hainan province has already made similar moves in response to quality problems that the existing deposit system cannot cover after expiration.In February 2021, various departments of Hainan province jointly issued the Implementation Rules of Insurance for Potential Defects of Housing Construction Engineering Quality in Hainan province (Trial). The Rules clearly stated that property owners who found quality defects within the insurance scope of residential engineering during the insurance period could file claims to the insurance company.”Detailed rules” what content is worth everyone’s attention, the following by the editor to sort out the important content of “detailed rules”.First, how to define?(1) Potential defects in project quality refer to those defects which are not discovered at the time of completion and acceptance of the construction project and which cause material losses to the insured building due to survey, design, construction, materials and other reasons in the normal course of use.(2) Construction quality potential defect insurance (referred to as “IDI”) refers to the construction unit insured, according to the insurance contract, the insurance company under normal conditions of use, during the period of insurance due to potential defects in the construction quality of the material damage of the insured building, to perform the obligation of compensation insurance.(3) A technology risk management institution (TIS Institution) refers to a legal person institution engaged in technology risk management services.Technical service refers to the risk management of engineering projects from survey, design, construction and materials to the defects liability period, according to the content of the policy coverage, the quality potential defects in risk identification, risk analysis, evaluation of implementation of object area: haikou city, danzhou as advance of hainan province IDI pilot cities and counties.Four industrial parks, including Yangpu Economic Development Zone, Haikou Jiangdong New Area, Boao Lecheng International Medical Tourism Pilot Zone and Sanya Yazhou Bay Science and Technology City, will be used as pilot projects.Implementation target: to take the lead in the province’s cities and counties indemnificatory housing, housing commodity housing, especially grass-roots teachers and medical staff housing and other active pilot.At the same time, other cities and counties with mature conditions and housing construction projects are encouraged to refer to the implementation.(1) Foundation foundation and main structure engineering (1) Whole or partial collapse;2. The uneven settlement of the foundation exceeds the allowable design specifications;3. Cracks, deformation, damage and fracture occur in the main load-bearing part of the structure that affect the safety of the structure;4. Balcony, awning, eaves, bay Windows and other cantilevered components collapse and structural wall collapse or crack, damage, fracture;5. Potential engineering quality defects of other foundation and main structure parts that affect structural safety.(2) waterproof engineering 1. Underground, roof, kitchen, bathroom waterproof leakage;2. Leakage of external wall (including the joint between external window and main structure);3. Leakage of other parts with waterproof requirements.(3) The thermal insulation layer of the thermal insulation engineering enclosure is damaged or falls off.1. Installation of electrical pipelines, water supply and drainage pipes and equipment;2. Heating and cooling system engineering;3. Door and window engineering;4. Wall and ceiling plastering layer engineering;5. Decoration works.Term of insurance The term of insurance for the aforesaid potential defects of housing construction quality (1), (2), (3) and (4) shall be 10 years, 5 years, 5 years and 2 years respectively, and there shall be a waiting period of 2 years respectively before the insurance term.Insurance time limit from the construction project that insurance undergoes insurance of potential defect of this project quality is completed check and accept the day after two years begins to calculate.Encourage the promotion of extending the duration of insurance and renewing it every five years.The construction unit may negotiate with the insurance company to determine the scope and duration of insurance according to the situation of the project, but they shall not be less than the above provisions.(1) The base for calculating the insurance premium for potential defects of project quality shall be the total construction and installation cost of the construction project.Construction units that purchase insurance for quality defects of construction projects shall list the insurance premium in the composition of the construction project budget.2. The basic insurance coverage of indemnification housing projects includes primary and additional insurance, and the reference range of insurance rates is 1.5-1.6% of the total cost of construction and installation.(3) The basic insurance coverage of commercial residential projects includes primary and additional insurance, and the reference range of insurance rates is 1.65-1.75% of the total cost of construction and installation.Specific cost rate is combined by construction unit and insurance company build project type, scale, length of time for a project, complex degree, exceed limit degree, overall quality condition, decorate standard, join to build qualification of main body (credit) and the construction project that carries out assembly type building to wait for a circumstance, negotiate on the basis of equality and voluntariness decide.Insurance rates for other construction projects may be determined through consultation in light of actual conditions.Vi. Underwriting Mode Housing construction engineering quality potential defects insurance adopted coinsurance underwriting.The co-insurance body shall be composed of the “main underwriting” insurance company and at least two co-insurance companies. The co-insurance company shall be selected by the “main underwriting” insurance company, and implement unified insurance terms, unified insurance rate, unified claim service and unified information platform.Coinsurance companies shall specify their respective underwriting shares, rights and obligations in the form of coinsurance agreement.Insurance Settlement and Recovery For potential defects of construction quality insured, the building owner may claim for quality problems within the insurance scope through the insurance information platform or directly apply for claim to the insurance company within the insurance period agreed in the insurance contract.For those under insurance liability, the insurance company shall perform the obligation of maintenance or compensation within 7 days from the date of reaching a compensation agreement with the owner of the building.For those not under the insurance liability, the insurance company shall, within 3 days from the date of making the verification and approval, issue a notice of non-compensation to the owner of the building, explaining the reasons for non-compensation, and report to the competent administrative department of housing and construction.The insurance company shall have the right to subrogation of the responsible entity for the quality defect in accordance with the law, and shall, in accordance with the laws and regulations or the contract, pursue legal liabilities against the design entity, construction entity, equipment and material supplier and other responsible parties.Article source: Leju house quality content recommendation
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