The Chinese football team away to challenge the Japanese team, the fans may have these four symptoms!

1. The National Football Team narrowly beat the Japanese team: Li Xiaopeng’s reputation has been pushed to the peak!Football fans angry spray XX football association, entrusted by people, why did not choose Li Xiaopeng earlier?Otherwise we would have been in the World Cup!2. The National Football Team drew against the powerful Japanese team: the fans felt that Li Xiaopeng still had material, such a short preparation time can achieve results, praise!It was a shame to draw, it could have won the game by surprise, it was a shame!Football fans angry spray xx, early why?3. The National football team lost to Japan by a small score: the game was passive, but the players had a good mental outlook, did not add to the Spring Festival, the future can be expected!Football fans angry spray XX, early change may be more than 5 points!4. The National football team defeat Japan: fans angry spray football association XX, big New Year’s day to the fans to add trouble [anger]!Do not pay attention to youth training, such as building a castle in the air, China’s football association is the biggest cancer!In the list of overseas, we seriously behind the Japanese team, the disparity in strength!Chinese football is hopeless, it would be useless for anyone…It is not easy to be a football fan, but it is even more difficult to be a Chinese football fan.

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