The Spring Festival I on-the-job | Yu Jiangping: ten years like one day, stick to a line of Benedict walker

There is a dedication called adherence, there is a silent loyalty.When the festive lanterns are hung high in golden State, when the long-lost hugs warm you and me, when the happy laughter is filled with all around, there is always such a special group of people, in order to their own responsibilities and missions, always ready to give up their homes for everyone, silently dedication, always stick to the first line of duty and combat readiness.Yu Jiangping, male, guizhou southeast, was born in November 1993, a member of the Communist Party of China, the current qianxinan fire rescue detachment huangzhuang Avenue fire rescue station combat squad monitor, fire truck driver qinglong County.He is a fire engine driver in this special group. In the past 10 years, he always sticks to the fire fighting and rescue front line, faithfully performs his duties and bravely takes responsibility.Digging higher elevation, winter fog and easy to low temperature and agitation of weather, years ago shanghai-kunming high-speed fine long service area near a truck spontaneous combustion, the evening mist and accompanied by rain, wet slippery course is difficult, alarm, emotional Yu Jiangping with rich experience in driving fast driving the vehicle arrived at the scene,, choose a suitable place to park assist teammates in rescue operations,”Good parking position, not only the rescue speed, and personnel and vehicles can ensure safety;Stop not good, not only affect the speed of rescue, but also prone to accidents.”The fire fighting and rescue operations over and over again trained his excellent driving skills and business skills.Yu Jiangping is the “chief instructor” of the fire station in the driver post.For fire fighting vehicle, the value of the “face” of the car, and maintain good car “lining”, strictly implement the system of inspection yard day and week in the morning and at night, carry out vehicle inspection and maintenance, do “fault not overnight, dirty cars don’t put in storage”, maintain a clean and tidy car, time is in good state of combat readiness, to ensure “not thrown off” at any time.”If you can repair and maintain small problems, you need to think more and start more often. You always invite manufacturers. First, it is a waste of time and easy to appear vehicle equipment ‘go into battle with injury’.Whenever there is a problem with the fire station fire truck, he always carries out maintenance by himself first, but he can’t solve it. He takes the initiative to contact the customer service of multiple fire vehicle manufacturers and consult the engineering and technical personnel of the manufacturers to find the vehicle problems and difficulties.Since this year, we have carried out the maintenance of 30 vehicles and more than 10 times, eliminated 8 vehicle failures and saved more than 20,000 yuan for the fire station.For further practice of party history study education achievement, Yu Jiangping initiative to “I does the practical work for the masses” practice, during the period of his truck driving back and forth between qing long winding and steep mountain path, more than 30 trains for poor people to send water, a total of more than 200 tons, positive for the poor and lonely old man, left-behind children and family and so on to carry out the compulsory labor 17 times,He visited needy people for 9 times and subsidized 2 poor students. His practical actions won unanimous praise from the local Party Committee and the government as well as the general public.A person’s life has several decades, and with ten years to do one thing, who said that ordinary chess is not a hero?The Spring Festival is a special but ordinary day for Yu Jiangping, who has worked in the fire brigade for 10 years.Special because it was the 10th best year of his life.Ordinary, because this 10th New Year’s Eve, but also more than 3,000 day and night stick to the most ordinary day.At this moment, when the city’s fireworks reflected the night sky, neon lights under the “flame blue” team is also no lack of comrades like Yu Jiangping silently stick to decades, here, through the darkness of the watchmen, to pay high tribute.END Author: Wang Jue Production: Qianxinan Fire All-media Center editor: Yu Xingxue Review: Zhang Siyuan point share

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