Why are so many people imitating Kobe Bryant and so few imitating Lebron James?

Each side, must have a “little kobe” themselves, they have a hand like kobe Bryant elegant jumper, like fadeaway jumper near the free throw line by flowing to pay tribute to kobe Bryant, but you rarely hear someone claiming to “a little James,” with as the league’s top stars, and take charge of faces in the league, why so much imitation of kobe Bryant,How few people have imitated James?Everyone says he is like Kobe Bryant, but just say he is like 24 Kobe Bryant, who dare to say he is like 8 Kobe Bryant?No. 8 Peter Pan, in the league can be said to be flying to escape the ground, omnipresent, early career of Kobe Bryant, his favorite playing style, is to rely on their own talent, crushing opponents, ordinary people can have this talent?Similarly, James’ favorite offense in his prime was his physical strength, crushing opponents and dunking them. In his later years, James often finished off opponents with tank layups.James this game, even if the whole NBA hasn’t said can imitate his offensive way, because this offensive way too eat body talent, as long as James rushed out of the speed, no one said to hold off his attack, is the so-called garage with three points, James two points, the play without solution, largely due to James superhuman physical quality.Why would a normal guy play like Lebron?Even if you have lebron’s style of play, you can only be praised by others. If you call yourself Junior, it’s a disgrace.James carry people layup and 24, kobe Bryant is very different, than 8 times, kobe Bryant 24 period more focus on polishing technology, although no. 24 kobe Bryant still has good physical quality, but more often, he is against the technology, the pace, and he has no solution to kill the game jump shots,And the technique, the footstep, the fadeaway jump shot is ordinary people can practice, he needs is hard work, not talent, from this point of view, imitate Kobe Bryant’s playing, certainly more than James.Kobe Bryant fadeaway jumper Lebron James needs time to polish what is the most laudable thing about Lebron James, especially late in the game?It wasn’t his unaccountable physicality or offensive ability, it was his emperor’s view of the big picture.As the league’s top star, With years of experience in the court, James has developed a strong overall vision and organizational ability, and these abilities make James a super player with his own system. James is not only strong by himself, but also can lead other players on the team to become better, which is his greatness.But as a human being, to develop the vision and leader temperament, such a gift is not just can decide, this need a lot of time to polish, make the player to accumulate experience in the battle, however, as an ordinary fans just basketball as a hobby, how have the time to burnish his own consciousness, rather than polishing consciousness,I believe more fans will only want to improve their skills.Kobe Bryant fadeaway to imitate Kobe Bryant play, is not so need overall view, after all, as fans, we can see, only Kobe Bryant’s personal heroism, imitate Kobe Bryant play, only two results, will hit the ball, welcome cheer, shot iron, just apologize.As for the team?I come to play basketball just to have fun. To win through my own wonderful performance is the greatest happiness.Speaking of Kobe Bryant, your first impression must be the elegant lean back, accurate dry pull, and the ultimate individual heroism, who does not like to be a hero, who does not like to play hero ball, who does not like their elegant figure, can get the court girls favor?On the other hand, James, although the ball style is steady, outstanding consciousness, but, not handsome ah!Even if you lead the team to victory, then you in the heart of the girls than those elegant Kobe, McGrady.Who want to see you, after all, the defenders from the three-point line to paint and layups, even if you can do this in every ball, that also can let the boy sighed with a strong, and off the court girls will only feel that you are a simple limbs developed mang, especially only learn to James bulldozer layup, but failed to like James flying dun land.Even if you have lebron’s big picture view and throw a great pass, the applause is more often just for the player who scored the goal. In the eyes of the general audience, maybe you are just a role player who can pass the ball.Playing like Kobe, you don’t have this embarrassment, because your grace is in every shot, in the ball.The fans can see your strength at a glance and give you applause. As a basketball lover, who doesn’t like applause and who doesn’t want to kill the opponent single-handed?Bryant shot James plays more and more appeared in the professional sports teams in court, “kobe Bryant” could be more, but in the real, is likely to be a dominant position in the “James”, despite his style is elegant, handsome, but, in time, handsome is the most useless thing, if you reduce the offensive success rate for handsome, this is team will be forced off a cliff, as a result,The “Kobe” style is not so popular on the court, because the game has only one purpose, that is to win.In contrast, James’s attack, although not elegant, even some rude, but do not interfere with this kind of style is the best application of physical quality, is the way will be up to the highest success rate, on the field, if you dare not go inside collision, that in the eyes of coach, you are a soft, not bear than if you want to, give up ball to play the hero,Failure is all that awaits you, because he’s Kobe Bryant and you’re just a guy.Bryant and James have the big picture and the big picture awareness that the team needs.After all, the sport of basketball is five people, rather than a person’s performance, James conduction ability, can effectively series team, helping the team win, the opposition on the court, may be handsome than the importance of winning, but on the pitch, winning is the only goal, as long as you can win, no matter how ugly your game, can play goal, you are the most important players, if no goal,No matter how handsome you are, you don’t get to play.James organization conclusion but, after all, a common fans around, play friends is a minority, more people just put the basketball as a hobby, that is just a hobby, it must be more elegant, the better, as simple as possible, as a human being, what we want, just find joy in the basketball court, although it’s also important to win, but in order to win,It’s a bit of a waste of time trying to develop Lebron’s body and mind, and kobe Bryant, who is handsome, can score, and close to the average fan, is the natural choice.Kobe’s flowing layup

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