Zhangjiakou city “Winter Olympics” Franco-Prussian-French caravan series of activities kicked off

Stamp blue word “Zhangjiakou Politics and Law” pay attention to us oh!On the morning of February 16, a caravan carrying land curling, land ice hockey and other ice sports equipment entered the Jinding community in Qiaoxi district of Zhangjiakou City, quickly attracting the attention of passing people.Zhangjiakou city “Winter Olympics” Prussian-French caravan series activities kicked off.Event is divided into the games law propaganda, knowledge popularization, snow and ice project experience of three plates, community in curling experience land masses, curling, ice hockey, etc on the table of ice and snow sports at the same time for the games have a deeper understanding, also can realize the Olympic athletes have more sweat and effort, the more they present a fighting spirit and encouraging,The atmosphere was very warm.Bing Dwen Dwen, the mascots of the 2022 Winter Olympic Games, and Xue Rongrong, the mascots of the Winter Paralympic Games, also appeared at the event and were warmly welcomed by everyone.Bing Dwendun and Xue Rongrong, together with volunteers from France and the Olympic city, distributed publicity materials printed with the Constitution, civil Code and Rules for the Non-commercial Use of Symbols for the Beijing Winter Olympics to the passing masses.”Do homemade mascots constitute infringement?””Is it illegal to resell Bing Dwen Dwen at high prices?”, one by one for the “Winter Olympics” hot legal issues have been answered by the scene lawyers, at the same time, Hebei Yang Zheng law firm public interest lawyers for the masses to answer the legal problems encountered in daily life, the masses have said benefit.The “Winter Olympic Sports Covered wagon” series activities are a powerful measure of Zhangjiakou city to serve the masses with legal publicity during the Winter Olympic Games, bringing ice and snow experience, ice and snow knowledge and legal knowledge to communities and families, providing convenience for the masses to participate in and experience ice and snow sports as soon as possible, and learn legal knowledge.In the future, the Franco-Prussian caravan will continue to drive into communities, villages and schools, so that more people can experience the Winter Olympics, shorten the distance between the Winter Olympics and the people, and learn legal knowledge while enjoying the fun of ice and snow sports.It is reported that the “Winter Olympics and France Caravan” has become a special carrier for the masses to promote the popularization of ice and snow sports, but also the winter Olympics and France propaganda and promotion activities exclusive beautiful scenery line.Previously, zhangjiakou qiaoxi also hosted the “ice mound mound, snow let go the franco-prussian harmony you” series of public dissemination activities, a series of dissemination activities associated with the games pier pier in ice and snow, under the guidance of taking to the winter Olympics held as an opportunity to innovate the franco-prussian model, combining games with legal knowledge propaganda, to create a strong atmosphere of the whole society to participate in the games.So that the masses of the rule of law literacy and legal concept has been promoted, so as to promote the construction of the rule of law zhangjiakou.Source | | zhangjiakou the rule of law

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