Five dead, one seriously injured in Cambodia massacre suspected

According to Cambodian media, five people were killed and another seriously injured in a murder case in Mondulkiri province.According to the police on February 3, based on the initial investigation, the police preliminary ruled the case as murder.The bodies of three people were found in a forest about 30km from the provincial capital mondulkiri on Sunday night. A five-year-old boy was also found seriously wounded at the scene.After an investigation, the police found that two more people were missing, so the police immediately launched a search and rescue.On the morning of February 3, police found the bodies of two missing people in a forest.Police have sealed off the forest and are investigating the case.According to police sources, the five victims were four men and one woman, the youngest of whom was 12 years old.International Intelligence agent ## Daily International Vision ## Cambodia # Follow, learn more about Cambodia, learn more about Cambodia, venture capital, community, you can download APP

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