Guangzhou: the six areas of the qingming festival to suspend on-site mourning, other areas need to be divided by time reservation

Another year qingming, spring breeze sunset send sorrow.Qingming festival is a traditional festival for the masses to express their grief and remember their ancestors.On March 26, the Civil Affairs Bureau of Guangzhou municipality issued a notice on the work of the tomb Sweeping Festival in 2022, which provides relevant guidelines for the on-site tomb sweeping festival of public concern.How to classify?At 10:00 am on March 26, the wechat official account of “Guangzhou Civil Affairs” launched the “Guangzhou Tomb-sweeping Festival reservation platform”, through which citizens can book on-site sacrifices from March 27 to April 30.Among them, liwan district, Panyu District, Nansha District, Conghua district, Zengcheng District within the jurisdiction of the funeral service institutions since March 27 to open on-site worship, the public can make an appointment to the scene of the funeral service;Funeral services in Yuexiu District, Haizhu District, Tianhe District, Baiyun District, Huangpu District and Huadu District, where local epidemics have recently occurred, are temporarily closed to on-site funeral services. They will be properly opened after the epidemic is removed and comprehensive assessment is conducted. Citizens can pay attention to the specific opening time of the booking platform and visit the site for funeral services according to the booking period.In the event of a new local confirmed case, appointments and on-site visits by funeral service institutions within the jurisdiction of the region will be immediately stopped, and dynamic adjustments will be made depending on the development of the epidemic situation in the region.How to take precise measures?The first is real-name appointment, time-sharing and segmentation.Last year, Guangzhou implemented the first tomb-sweeping real-name appointment, which was recognized by the general public.To continue to implement this measure this year, citizens need to make an appointment with their real names on the “Guangzhou Tomb-Sweeping Festival Booking Platform”. The same ID card is limited to one appointment per day, and each appointment is limited to 5 people. There are 5 time slots (7:30 — 17:00) every day, and each time slot is 1.5 hours.In this way, orderly guidance will be given to groups of people to avoid gathering and ensure the safety of prevention and control.The second is moderate diversion, prolong the time.The reservation volume of each place is set according to 50% of the actual carrying capacity, with appropriate control and orderly arrangement.Work half an hour earlier and leave half an hour later every day, and ensure demand by extending service hours;If the scheduled booking time is full, it is recommended to book off-peak time, alternate peak booking, alternate peak worship.Again is strict verification, data guarantee.The verification office is set up at the entrance of each site. Citizens who come to the site must show valid IDENTIFICATION documents corresponding to the booking information (original), qr code for booking, negative proof of nucleic acid test within 48 hours, and can enter the site only after temperature measurement, pass code scanning, health code verification, and travel card.After the successful booking of the public (booking qr code can be shared with colleagues) to the scene to sweep, to avoid being unable to enter because of no booking.The DISEASE control department can accurately grasp the health situation of on-site personnel through real-name appointment and admission verification data, and ensure the life, health and safety of citizens in real time.Key tips: The following 7 categories of personnel, please consciously cooperate, not to participate in the scene.(1) Confirmed cases, asymptomatic infected persons, and close and sub-close contacts who have not been in isolation for treatment;(2) People with travel history abroad (excluding Macao) within 21 days;(3) Persons with residence history or travel history in counties (districts) of medium-high risk areas within 14 days, or with symptoms such as fever, cough and shortness of breath;(4) People in the “containment Area, Control Area and Prevention Area”;(5) people with “red” or “yellow” health code;(6) persons who cannot provide negative nucleic acid test proof within 48 hours;(7) Personnel in high-risk positions during closed-loop management.Is there any warm service?One is to provide on-site booking for groups such as the elderly who cannot book online.The sites have set up on-site reservation channels for the elderly who are inconvenient to use intelligent technology and cannot make reservations online with the help of relatives and friends. Relevant personnel can bring valid identification documents (original) and negative nucleic acid test within 48 hours, and make on-site reservation according to the guidance of staff and enter in an orderly manner.The second is to provide a number of off-site memorial services.Including “Cloud worship” of “Guangdong Affairs”, “letter mail mourning”, “Heaven Mailbox”, “online worship” and other services provided by the civil affairs department, encourage the general public to choose off-site worship through the “Guangdong Affairs” mini program and guangzhou Galaxy Martyrs Cemetery, Guangzhou Funeral service center and other online platforms.Three is the incense for flowers.It is suggested that the public choose flowers for worship and other green civilized way to replace incense, guangzhou Galaxy Martyrs Cemetery, Guangzhou Funeral service center and other service organizations can provide incense for flowers service, to achieve green worship, civilized worship.What should I pay attention to?Top priority should be given to prevention and control.Remember to wear masks at all times, maintain safe social distancing, and minimize stay time.Keep fire safety in mind.The use of open fires, fireworks, burning paper money and other offerings are strictly prohibited in all places of worship, and “smoke-free worship” is advocated.Green travel is more convenient.Most of the places do not provide parking Spaces, and during the Qingming Festival, there are more people and a large traffic flow, so citizens are urged to take public transportation to go to the wrong peak, green travel.New trends of civilization are advocated together.Call on the public to actively persuade the relatives and friends in different places to postpone returning to Guangzhou to participate in the on-site worship, advocate through outing remote offering, afforestation, network worship, home memorial and other ways to remember their ancestors.Work together to protect safety.At present, the epidemic prevention and control situation is still grim and complex, guangzhou will be the development situation and epidemic prevention and control, dynamic adjustment of each site martyrs service control measures, please citizens pay attention to the guangzhou bureau of civil affairs related announcement and the martyrs places on-site service guide, understand and cooperate with support related work together to achieve “clear peace qingming festival, good health, clarity, and civilization”.Attached: Service directory of Tomb-sweeping Sites in Guangzhou in 2022 Qian Mingya Liao Peijin Qian Mingya

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